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ONTD Original: 5 characters who are annoying and the Worst

We all have those characters who we just hate. Some for no real reason and some cause they are genuinely the worst. These are mine.


Sam Winchester-Supernatual.
no real reason tbh Ive just never liked him. jareds off screen antics certainly didnt help. the finale only made it worse.

more annoying charactersCollapse )

source: me and my tv viewing, google for the pics

so ontd, which characters do you hate?
Tags: glee (fox), ontd original, shameless (uk / us), soap opera, supernatural (cw), television, television - cw, television - fox, television - fx

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May 3 2021, 14:11:56 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  May 3 2021, 14:24:30 UTC

Babe was so horrible. I couldn't stand her ass and actually cheered when she died. Sorry not sorry.


Ugh! The fact that in this year of the lord 2021 he is still seen as some sort of romantic hero gives me all the rage.
For some reason I rewatched Beverly Hills 90210 (this quarantine...) and dude, Jim Walsh was really horrible lol. In one episode he got a promotion but it meant the family had to move back to Minneapolis but he said they would take a vote on it. Then he got pissy when Cindy voted they would stay in BH thus not taking his side. When he called to decline the job they offered him a even higher raise and he was like, lol we're moving back, I don't care what rest of you want.
super late but the marauders, the way they get away with all the shit they did, im glad they all died lol
Michael from Queer as Folk is probably my most hated character ever. Just thinking about him makes my blood boil.

Lorelai from Gilmore Girls. So selfish and obnoxious. Everything always had to be about her. It's no wonder that Rory also ended up selfish and entitled.

another character i just remembered because i did a brba rewatch: jesse pinkman.

he was a giant piece of shit in his own ways and i hate how fandom coddled him.
Dawn from Buffy of course, and April from Parcs and Recs, I don't get why people like her.
I hated Dawn when I was a highschooler watching Buffy. COMPLETELY different response to her now that I'm a mom.
Yeah I guess teenage me didn't like the fact that such a huge responsibility was dumped on Buffy. Plus Dawn was a bit whiny ^^'
I have been taking a LONG pause from the Magicians because Alice is the wOoOoOoRsT
She seriously is awful through the ENTIRE show. She's a snobby brat and literally every decision of hers is selfish and the worst choice lol.
Roland from Schitt's Creek. Can't fucking stand him. I didn't think any ridiculous scene with him was funny ever. Pure example of someone letting their stupidity excuse bad, mean, or rude behavior.
Zooey Deschanel on New Girl thoooo

1. Jack from lost

2. Chuck from gossip girl

Julie on fnl I’ll never come around to her Idc!

Ik everyone on here hates April kepner but sarah drew is returning to greys this week and I WILL BE WATCHING!! She really was one of the best actresses on that shit show next to Sandra and katherine 😪

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