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The View: Marcia Fudge, John Grisham, Rickie Lee Jones, Michael B Jordan, Rosario Dawson, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi (Wed, Thu), Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana (Fri), and Meghan

It's a weekend FFA Politics y'all

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Friday FBI Raided Rudy Colludy

The FBI raided Rudy Colludy’s home and took electronic equipment and access to his cloud storage. The DOJ has been after him since AG Bill Barr era. Rudy says a bunch a gobbly gook on F/cker Carlson lol. Sunny lawyersplains it, Rudy is going to go through some things. He acted as an unregistered foreign agent to interfere in US election, plus she lists all the other crimes he’s involved in. Ana wonders how Rudy became this person he is now, she’s known him for a lot of years, he keeps freefalling lower and lower. He's gone from America’s Mayor to America’s Crime Story lol. He’s pathetic. Muted Meghan. Socialite Michelle Herbert pops up. She spoke to the press without actually saying anything hahaha. Sara laughs about his son, who looks like the draft version of Eric T/ump. Reminds that a judge ruled last year that F/cker Carlson is an entertainment program not a news program.

Hot Topic Friday Liz Cheney Fist Bump

Liz Cheney gave Biden a fist bump at SOTU. The GQP is big mad. Ana has her Friday rant about the sheer stupidity of the Q Party. Sara wonders why they don’t like basic civility. Sunny wonders why and how T45 still has so much pull amongst these losers. Me-again likes Cheney being a daughter of a politician who can be successful in their own right and not just from nepotism and Cheney recently followed her on Twitter. Oh my lord.

Hot Topic Friday Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson, actress and (still) girlfriend of Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), is promoting The Water Man. 0 on Room Rater, her background looks like the plain gray wall of a parking garage. Talks Biden speech and promotes his plans. Talks Cory. Tells story about Biden talking to her after debate when Cory was still his competitor. She talks about promoting vaxx on IG. Talks about her new film.

Hot Topic Friday Duff Goldman

Chef Duff Goldman is promoting his show on Discovery Duff’s Happy Fun Bake Time. He sent the panel S’mores. He just had a baby girl Josephine. His wife and baby make an appearance. Squishy cute baby.


Hot Topic Thursday Biden Speech Recap

Biden addressed Congress Wednesday night. History made with VP Harris and Speaker Pelosi big girl boss energy. Talked about his first 100 days accomplishments and his plan for America. Ding dong Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) said America isn’t a racist country and then twitter fought over a Black man being a member of the white supremacist GQP. Bipartisan no longer means getting support from R in Congress, it means buy-in from the R voters who want what Biden is proposing. Joy liked the speech, didn’t like GQP silently sulking over basic needs like reducing child poverty, and ding dong Scott not admitting America does have systemic racism. Sunny liked the speech, especially calling out white domestic terr0rism, didn’t like Scott, says it in different ways.

Skip Meghan, she’s ridiculous and rants and thinks she’s allowed to tell Black people how to feel about fellow Black person Scott. Sara liked the speech and his tone, his pro-America theme and his appeal to blue collar middle and lower class. Didn’t like Scott saying Biden -seems- to be a good guy.

Whoopi addresses the racism and attacks directed at poc (lol the shade @ Meghan rant). Nobody flipped out about the deficit growing under T45 so shut up about Biden’s plans to reinvigorate the economy.

Hot Topic Thursday Michael B Jordan

Michael B Jordan is promoting Without Remorse on Amazon Prime. Whoopi thanks him for his kind words at the Essence Awards re/her award. Sara asks if him being super hot is a blessing or a curse lol. MBJ says his friends tease him. Talks about his new film based on Tom Clancy novel of the same name (character changed from white man to Black man). He talks about the role and doing his own stunts. Inspired by Wesley Snipes and Tom Cruise in their action films. Talks about representation in Hollywood, re/the role adjusted for him to play and how he sees things progressing. Talks about BLM and what he’s felt over the last year. Talks about Oscars and Chadwick. Doesn’t feel Chadwick's legacy is impacted by an award. [Doesn’t] talk about next Black Panther. He’ll be directing and acting in the next Creed.

Hot Topic Thursday Rickie Lee Jones

🎶🎤 Sings Chuck E’s in love. Singer songwriter Rickie Lee Jones is promoting her memoir Last Chance Texaco: Chronicles of an American Troubadour. She tells stories about her wild family history full of colorful relatives and characters. I may have to read this, it’s a rollercoaster narrative! Talks about her romance with Tom Waits. It’s the 40th anniversary of her acclaimed album Pirates. Whoopi talks about how it changed her life, and people are still humming the tune of the pinnacle song whose narrative is still relevant now. RLJ talks about BLM and that we can relate to anybody if we just try.


Hot Topic Wednesday Nobody is Coming for Your Burger

Whoopi debuts new hair. The GQP media outlets are making up lies. They’re claiming Biden climate agenda will take away your burgers. And they’re claiming that VP Harris book was put in a bag for people crossing borders. Lies, lies, and more lies. NY Post and Faux Gossip had to officially issue an apology and correction. NY Post reporter quit, and revealed on twitter she was forced to write the article and wished she had pushed back. Damage is done. Sunny calls out the NY Post reporter and John Roberts for their yellow journalism. Sara talks about lack of consequences when they just make up completely false information and run with it, but don’t get punished. Skipped Meghan. She makes it about her and whines. Whoopi says things to refute Me-again’s whining. Sunny says more things about GQP on twitter even after info corrected. Joy says people find out the truth eventually. Explains they never discussed Hunter Biden because no one in the mainstream legit media were able to independently vet and validate the NY Post story.

Hot Topic Wednesday Sec HUD Marcia Fudge

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Marcia Fudge joins to promote Biden’s infrastructure plan, and preview what he ended up saying in address to Congress that night. She covers the talking points on all elements and of course specifically issues surrounding housing. Also some talk about police reform and systemic racism. Lawyersplains why Lindsey Graham is a dolt for saying there is no systemic racism in America. Talks about vaxx hesitancy and impact on public housing and multi-resident buildings.

Hot Topic Wednesday John Grisham

John Grisham is promoting his new book Sooley. Whoopi gushes over his book The Guardians and likes that he’s a white southern author who writes about the Black experience in an authentic way. He explains his perspective and how he shifted in his stories after writing a non-fiction book about a wrongly convicted Black man and joining the Innocence Project. He was also a practicing attorney and former state level Rep for Mississippi. They talk about Chauvin trial and systemic racism in criminal justice system. He talks about his new novel about college basketball after having written previous books about football (1) and baseball (2). March Madness being cancelled is what prompted him to fill the gap on missing basketball by writing a book about it. Matthew McConaughey will (may?) reprise his role as Jake Briggance in a limited series. Grisham talks about how Matthew got the role and that process. Joy says he never puts a sex scene in his books. He talks about that, tells a funny story involving his wife and why he doesn't write sex scenes.

Ontd how do you feel about Biden Harris first 100 days

Waiting on new WH cat Minor Biden who will fight with WH dog Major Biden

Feel free to talk about any other political headlines

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