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ONTD Original: TOP 7 Run BTS episodes (so far)

Run BTS is the group’s variety show that started in 2015. With 139 episodes (so far), it has BTS trying different things: from pottery to tennis. The episodes can be divided into competition games (with prizes and penalties) and the ones where they learn a skill. It is a way to make money - several episodes are sponsored - and keep bringing content to fans. They average around 10 million views on VLive (since 2019 they have also been uploaded to Weverse) and the most watched is Ep 70 (with over 18 million views).

For this TOP 7 I tried to get a good mix of iconic episodes between fans and ones that show what Run BTS is all about. Also, for the purposes of this list and the data I counted multiple part episodes as one episode, meaning that there are 84 unique episodes. Usually new fans don’t know where to start so this could be a good list! Also, old fans can complain about my choices and non fans can maybe think it could be fun to watch? If you do join us! Run BTS is still going and releases new episodes every Tuesday at 9pm KST.



7. Photo Story (episodes 118 and 119)
What is it about?: Individual competition. At a Cafe, BTS members need to find notes, mix them up and take pictures according to the instructions to get points. They need to help each other and later members will review the photos and the winner will be determined.

Why is it on the list? :It has a plot twist that is still talked about in fandom.

Prize: The winner gets a wish from the member that lost.
Penalty: The loser is a ‘genie’ and must grant a wish to the winner.

6. Summer Outing (episodes 83, 84 and 85)
What is it about?: Group competition. BTS is divided into groups and play: water polo, go on a water tube and compete in obstacle racing. They end it all in a barbecue.

Why is it on the list?: Because there is nothing like seeing how bad BTS can be in sports and anything that requires physical ability (NOT YOU JK, STOP POUTING). Plus, there is a little twist and a great gif exchange in the end to show their personalities.

Prize: They all get gifts from the members
Penalty: - (honestly the full thing was a penalty to JHope)

5. Back to School (episode 11)
What is it about?: BTS acts in a school setting skit, where each member has to play a part. Suga is Yoonji and the other members have to flirt with her.

Why is it on the list?: This episode isamess.mp3, all the early ones are very disorganized and they weren’t sure what they were doing BUT there is also something fun about watching BTS trying to improvise as students and fans still talk about Yoonji.

Prize: -
Penalty: -

4. Operation 007 (episodes 79 and 80)
What is it about?: BTS members search for cards around Lotte Duty Free, exchange them to play games and win paper hearts. The member with the most wins. There is also a special card that can turn the game around.

Why is it on the list?: This episode is a great example of why the editors are the MVPs of Run BTS. The premise is very simple and straightforward. It is not something you expect to have a twist but it does and they make it exciting! You have no idea who will win and the revelation is fun.

Prize: Set of gift cards worth 1.4 million won
Penalty: -

3. BTS Golden Bell (episodes 39 and 41)
What is it about?: Jin is the MC and the other members are divided into two groups and play games like guessing drawings, words, songs, etc.

Why is it on the list?: LACHIMOLALA. An iconic moment in fandom and between BTS members.

Prize: Jungkook computer
Penalty: Loser has to jump in the sea

2. Hangul Day Special (episodes 86, 87 and 88)
What is it about?: BTS takes quizzes on korean tradicional words in this celebration of Hangul Day. The game can be confusing for those that don’t speak korean, but parts 2 and 3 bring a physical aspect to the game, with members having to form words to get stickers and tag members without being found.

Why is it on the list?: The B in BTS stands for Betrayal. You need to watch to understand. Trust me.

Prize: Motor Scooter
Penalty: -

1. King of Avatar Cooking (episodes 102 and 103)
What is it about?: The members are divided into 2 groups - lead by Jin and Suga, the cooks in BTS. They need to make different recipes while getting instructions from the leaders, that are in a separate room - they also can’t cook at the same time and have to give the other the instructions. JHope is the MC and will pick the winner.

Why is it on the list?: This episode doesn’t have a huge twist. It doesn’t have a huge meme moment. But it is my #1 because I believe it represents why so many people love BTS so well. It shows their teamwork, how well they understand each other, how much they make fun of each other, their competitiveness and supportiveness. And it is just really damn funny! There is nothing like watching BTS trying to cook. If I’m down and need a laugh this is the episode I’m watching and it never fails. Plus it is so well liked it had a spin off episode, where the members have to lead Jin and Suga in the kitchen.

Prize: -
Penalty: Climbing Achasan mountain


BTS vs. Zombies (Episode 24)
This episode is beloved by fans mostly because of J-Hope’s reactions to the zombies. Didn’t make the list because the game itself is a bit of a mess and they even need to make another one for them to win something.

The Variety Show of Memories (Episodes 30 and 31)
The Tomato song episode! I believe a lot of people expected this to be on the list, because we all love the gifs of Jungkook and Jimin half asleep, but I think the other games are kinda boring and the best thing about this are the gifs.

BTS in Toronto (episodes 69, 70 and 71)
The episodes don’t make a lot of sense but we get BTS picking rooms in a weirdly suspenseful way.

(a big thank you to xmusicismylovex for the help with this post)

And now for some Run BTS Data/ Fun Facts!
- 68 episodes are competition based.
- Jin is the biggest individual winner while Suga has the least amount of wins.
- Jimin had the most penalties and the smaller winning percentage.
- Jungkook and Jimin have never been MCs
- If you want to win be on a team with V or RM, both have the most collective wins

Which episode is your favorite? Are you surprised by the data?
And to the non fans, interested? Even a little bit?

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