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Marianne Faithfull doesn’t know if she’ll sing again after COVID-19 battle

After contracting Covid-19 last year, Marianne Faithfull says she isn't sure if she'll ever be able sing again.

Faithfull was hospitalized in March 2020 and spent 22 days in treatment before recuperating enough to return to her London home. However she says even a year later, the damage from the illness is still present:

"It’s my lungs, my memory and fatigue. It couldn’t be worse. I don’t know if I will ever be able to sing again. I have singing practice once a week, and I’m doing my best, but it’s very hard."

Despite this, Faithfull still has a new album up her sleeve. Recorded before and during the first shutdown in the UK, 'She Walks In Beauty' is collaborative effort with Warren Ellis of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Inspired by her love for the English Romantic poets, the album is a collection of music and poetry and features Brian Eno amongst others.

'She Walks In Beauty' is out on Friday, April 30.

I hope she can recover from this.

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