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Highlights from episode 1 of the Welcome to The OC, Bitches podcast

The first episode is here and I listened to it from the Apple podcasts app, not realizing the YouTube version had ~visuals~ such as Captain Oats. Anyways, it was a good episode and my notes really don't even begin to cover it!

-Garrett Hedlund and DJ Cotrona (who went on to star in Fox's Skin were both up for the role of Ryan. When they cast Benjamin Mackenzie, they said he was nothing like how they pictured Ryan to be.

-Mischa Barton and Olivia Wilde were up for the role of Marissa, but they gave it to Mischa because she had more "tragic heroine" vibes. Olivia went on to do Skin with DJ, and popped up in season 2 as Alex.

-The Cohens were originally going to be The Needlemans, but Fox said that was far too nerdy.

-The whole Death Cab for Cutie thing came about when Josh overheard Adam Brody talking about the band. The indie thing bode well for them because their music budget was very low in the beginning.

-They had to abide by TV standards for smoking on screen, so Sandy putting out Ryan's cigarette really emphasized they were playing by the rules.

-A side plot we never got was Seth Cohen and the friends he gave sailing lessons to.

-"Oh hey, cocaine" was an improv line by Adam Brody during the pilot party scene.

-Whatever happened to the Cohen family's dog? They quickly realized having it around wasn't location-friendly for shoots.

-Josh Schwartz claims his classmates at USC originated the OC nickname, as the Orange County version of "the LBC."

-They learned about the Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston divorce while filming the episode at the mall.

Source + my note-taking skills
Tags: 2000s, actor / actress, nostalgia, olivia wilde, podcasts, television - fox

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