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Esquire ranks the Oscar Best Picture winners

Happy Oscar Weekend, ONTD! Esquire UK is celebrating by ranking all 92 films that have won Best Picture.

Let's check several of their choices of rank and the why of it:

91. The Deer Hunter (1978)
Unbearably annoying, and the wedding section’s so long you’ll find yourself praying for a barely competent local band to start parping out ‘Mr Brightside’ so you can sneak off.

62. Marty (1955)
Haven’t seen it. It’s plonked here as a control, just a completely neutral non-film.

49. Ben-Hur (1959)
I had a joke that was along the lines of “Ben-Hur? More like Ben-Huh???? What’s all that about????” But Ben-Hur is good, to be fair.

37. Unforgiven (1992)
Clint Eastwood found his second wind and his first Oscar with a Western which picks over the bones of the genre’s first, bloodthirsty flush.

19. Amadeus (1984)
An opulent, rhapsodic telling of Mozart’s life, as seen through the eyes of his furious rival Salieri. The thesis: sometimes God bestows genius upon irritating wankers.

2. Parasite (2019)
Call it recency bias if you want, but sometimes recency bias is correct.

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