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Disney + teams up with plant influencer for earth month

In honor of Earth Month, Brooklyn-based, Plant Kween, partnered with Disney+ for a collaboration of plants inspired by his favorite Disney films. Matching a Disney film to a plant, along with care tips for said plant. A boom in indoor houseplants due to the pandemic sprouted across all demographics, but millennials and Gen z gained reputation for being plant-crazy.

Aladdin x snake plant
It reminds him of Jafar and his snake affection: "When it comes to the snake plant, over-watering is a common mistake, so always check the soil before you water it to ensure the soil is dry. Although it's marketed as a low light plant, the snake plant does best in bright light and can do a few hours of direct sun."

The Aristocats x Staghorn Fern
Rich cat ladies would have it since they’re non toxic for their feline pets: "Placing it in the shower and letting tepid water run over the antler frond and shield frond is the best way to care for it. Loves bright filtered light."

Coco x Monstera
Since it hails from the tropical rainforests of Mexico: "Resilient and adaptable. Bright, indirect sunlight and thrives best in the 65-to-70 degree temp range. A tropical, so loves humidity! Invest in a humidifier, place it near it, and will be serving lush lewks. Water weekly in warmer months and every 2-to-3 weeks in colder months, allowing the soil to dry out in between waterings."

The Jungle Book x Ficus Benghalensis
Taking place in the tropics of India and this green is not only native to India but is also the national tree of India: "These thrive in bright warm scene, so give a lot of light with a few hours of direct sunlight if you can. Place in a spot that is free of cold drafts and get a humidifier or place in a bright bathroom."

Plant post! What plants do you have, ONTD? 🪴

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