mayjailer (mayjailer) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

So, Zac Efron looks like this now...

[Are you sure?][You can still turn back...][I warned you...]

The freshly single Zac Efron is trending on Twitter tonight, after a cameo appearance during today's Earth Day! The Musical on Facebook Watch has many wondering what the hell he did to his face.

It's not the first time the Down to Earth star's appearance has sparked discussion, with significant muscle gain for past roles in The Lucky One (2012) and Baywatch (2017) making his face appear considerably fuller.

This time, though, seems different. And while it's worth noting that the photo editing app Remini can be unkind to low-resolution video stills, things don't look much better in motion.


Tags: plastic / cosmetic surgery, zac efron

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