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Gigi Hadid's Father claims his daughter was "self-made"


Gigi's real estate developer father Mohamed boasted that his supermodel daughter was 'self-made' in a series of Instagram photos shared on Wednesday.

The 72-year-old businessman noted that Gigi 'never took a dollar from her parents' in a post meant to celebrate her many accomplishments through the years.

'What the 20 things that you did not know about Gigi hadid? 1. Self Made.. never took a single Dollar from her parents,' he wrote in a lengthy caption. '2. Started modeling for Baby Guess when she was in Khai's age. 3. She was a jr Olympic volleyball contender.'

But fans were quick to criticize her privileged upbringing as the daughter of a world famous model and wealthy developer, which included a lifestyle that also provided the opportunities to succeed in the industry:

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