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ONTD original - Where Are They Now? : The Dance Moms Girls

The first season of Lifetime's iconic Dance Moms first aired almost 10 years ago (July 2011). Rewatching Dance Moms has been the latest distraction I've undertaken (shoutout to my aunt for letting me borrow her DVDs), and as a result, I've been looking at all the Dance Moms girls on Instagram and seeing what they're up to now. We've got a little bit of everything - someone in a strange relationship with a pop singer, a Trump supporter, a writer, a racism controversy, and a podcast.


Age at first Dance Moms Appearance: 8
Age now: 18
Instagram Followers: 13.8 million (#2)
Most Iconic Dance Moms Quotes: "I don't like to lose, but I don't ever lose anyway.", "Kissing Gino in the studio is not what I envisioned for my first kiss. If it was Zac Efron, I would kiss him."

Known for being the favorite of Abby Lee Miller, Maddie has had quite the career since exiting Dance Moms in season 6. Maddie is probably best known for her very bizarre relationship with Australian singer Sia. Maddie has appeared in 7 Sia music videos, as well as 2 LSD music videos as Sia. Maddie has also began acting. Her most notable role has been portraying autistic teenager Music in a feature film directed and written by none other than... Sia! The movie was panned by critics, however Maddie was mostly kept out of the backlash. The primary criticism of the movie was against Sia, for casting a neurotypical actress to play an austistic character. Sia responded with “I realized it wasn’t ableism—I mean, it is ableism, I guess, as well—but it’s actually nepotism, because I can’t do a project without her. I don’t want to.” Additionally, Sia revealed that Maddie was uncomfortable with playing the role and only agreed to do it after pressure from Sia. Yikes. Maddie is currently in a relationship with Australian singer Eddie Benjamin and can next be seen in Steven Spielberg's "West Side Story" as Velma.


Age at first Dance Moms appearance: 7
Age now: 16
Instagram Followers: 15 million (#1)
Most Iconic Dance Moms Quotes: "Abby put a bunch of jumps in my routine this week and now I'm wondering if SHE could do all those jumps.", "I just cry sometimes. It's no big deal.", "I don't wanna go on Broadway. All I wanna do is stay at home and eat chips."

The youngest member of the OG Dance Moms team and Maddie's little sister, Mackenzie, who now goes by Kenzie, has been in the news recently after videos of her in blackface and saying racial slurs resurfaced on the internet. Since leaving Dance Moms alongside Maddie, Kenzie has focused mostly on her music and acting careers. Kenzie has released two full-length albums, the first under the name "Mack Z". Her most recent album was released in 2018. Kenzie has also been acting, appearing on Brat TV's YouTube web series "Total Eclipse" for two years.


Age at first Dance Moms appearance: 9
Age now: 19
Instagram followers: 6.2 million (#5)
Most Iconic Dance Moms Quotes: "She said we were going to blow the competition away. I hope she doesn't mean literally ... we could get disqualified.", "[Abby] has a deep voice that you will be VERY AFRAID OF.", "A lot of times, I feel compared to Maddie, but I think it's unfair because we're different people, so we shouldn't be compared. When I'm dancing it should be about me, and when Maddie is dancing, it should be about Maddie."

Abby's favorite scapegoat, Chloe, has been quite busy since her mom told Abby to shove it and left the show at the end of Season 4. Chloe continued to dance at a different studio, but gave it up at 16, due to an increasing number of commitments. Chloe graduated high school in 2019 and is now a sophomore studying integrated marketing and creative writing at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. Chloe also has her own "book club" that she runs through Instagram and has an Instagram where she posts her writing. Chloe recently shared a writing sample that details her past struggles with an eating disorder. Chloe's main focus these days seems to be on her education, but she has stated that she enjoys acting and would like to pursue it - she has made several guest appearances on various TV shows. Chloe is also still close with Nia Frazier, a fellow Dance Moms alum.


Age at first Dance Moms appearance: 10
Age now: 19
Instagram followers: 5.6 million (#7)
Most Iconic Dance Moms Quotes: "I can do Jazz, Musical Theatre, Ballet.... Sarah? I'm pretty sure she can only do Acro.", "That is one big spoon."

The only minority among the OG cast, Nia and her mom, Holly, often felt that Nia was being typecast by Abby into a variety of "ethnic" roles. Nia was the longest-tenured dancer of the entire series, being a part of the show up until season 7. Nia was best known for her signature "death drop" move, taught to her by RuPaul's Drag Race's Shangela. After departing Dance Moms, Nia has been quite busy. Nia has explored acting, singing, and other ventures. In 2018, Nia began a regular role on soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful", which lasted until her character was killed off. Additionally, she has released several songs under the name Nia Sioux. Nia also currently has a podcast that she cohosts with YouTube beauty guru/influencer Teala Dunn. In fall 2020, Nia began studying American Literature and Culture at UCLA. As mentioned, Nia is still close with Dance Moms costar Chloe Lukasiak.


Age at first Dance Moms appearance: 10
Age now: 20
Instagram followers: 3.4 million (#9)
Most iconic Dance Moms quote: "I'm really happy that I won, because normally Ms. Abby doesn't give me a chance to do a solo because she doesn't think I'll win...but this time I proved her wrong!"

The girl who got put on the bottom of the pyramid by Abby once because she had to tell her to sit down on the bus 32 times, Paige and her sister, Brooke, were the first of the original cast members to leave the show, following a disagreement between their mom and Abby. Paige was always the red-headed stepchild of the Dance Moms crew. Abby never really thought she was good and one time, when Paige actually got a solo, her mom didn't want her to do it because she didn't think she was ready. Following their departure from the show, the Hyland sisters began focusing more on school and real-life responsibilities. Outside of some Instagram sponsorships, Paige seems to have no interest in a "Hollywood Career". She has had no on-camera appearances since her departure from the show and has never attempted a musical career. She is currently a sophomore at West Virginia University studying business. She has been dating a WVU football player for almost two years.


Age at first Dance Moms appearance: 12
Age now: 23
Instagram followers: 3.5 million (#8)
Most Iconic Dance Moms Quote: "Miss Abby always says "NO BOYS" but this is the second date she's set me up on.", "I don't really get along with my mom unless she's buying me stuff.", (On one of Abby's dances) "We see a kite, but we don't know if we actually see it like it's in our head? I don't know, I'm so confused." "I think Brandon likes me, but I've moved on. I'm not really the same person I was when I was nine."

The oldest of the team, Brooke, like her sister, focused more on real life responsibilities such as school and family following the sisters departure from the show. Brooke graduated from high school in 2016 and spent three years at Ohio University, graduating in 2019 with degrees in Marketing and Management Information Systems. Following her college graduation, Brooke moved to Los Angeles and reentered the public eye, posting videos to YouTube and giving interviews. Notably, in 2020, Brooke posted a TikTok shading Abby Lee Miller. In early 2021, Brooke relocated to Austin, Texas and has been getting called out on Instagram for partying in a pandemic.


Age at first Dance Moms appearance: 9
Age now: 18
Instagram followers: 8.1 million (#4)
Most Iconic Dance Moms Quotes: "I love Abby. She's my music manager, but it's not like she owns me. I'm not, like, her product. I'm a person. I'm a human.",

Kendall joined the cast of Dance Moms in season 2, and remained in the cast until season 7. She is best known for her mother consistently bugging Abby to give her a solo every week. While on Dance Moms, Kendall began pursuing a music career under the name Kendall K, but seems to be taking a hiatus from music currently. Kendall currently is an Instagram influencer and will be graduating from high school in May. Also apparently voted for Trump.

Jojo Siwa

Age at first Dance Moms appearance: 9
Age now: 17
Instagram followers: 10.8 million (#3)
Most Iconic Dance Moms quote: "Nia is my only real friend here, because she's the only one who can be nice to me."

Probably the most successful Dance Moms alum, Jojo went on to become the idol of second-graders everywhere. Jojo entered a partnership with Nickelodeon, releasing music and appearing in various Nickelodeon properties, as well as releasing a line of products, including the famous "Jojo bow". Jojo quit dancing in 2017. Jojo recently came out as a member of the LGBTQ community, receiving support from her former Dance Moms castmates. The most shocking piece of information I uncovered while researching this article is the fact that Jojo is NOT a natural blonde - her mom began bleaching her hair when Jojo was 3. Jojo seems to be the only Dance Moms girl to still have a decent relationship with Abby, defending Abby when Brooke posted her TikTok shading her.

Kalani Hilliker

Age at first Dance Moms appearance: 14
Age now: 20
Instagram followers: 6.1 million (#6)

Was pictured with a Blue Lives Matter flag and announced her support for Donald Trump during the 2020 election. Mess.

The Moms

I'm not going to get too into the moms, but Jill (Kendall's mom), Kelly (Brooke and Paige's mom), Holly (Nia's mom), and Melissa (Maddie and Kenzie's mom) currently have a podcast. However, let's honor some of their most iconic (and bitchy) quotes.

"You're entitled to your wrong opinion, that's fine." - Holly
"McDonald's has a hamburger with your name on it!" - Cathy Stein, Abby's rival, to Abby
"They look like prostitots!" - Christi
"I wasn't talking to you, disco ball." - Cathy
"Stop eating! That's why you're fat!" - Kelly
"I would give Abby a three-month trial membership to Weight Watchers, if I was giving her a gift. It's the gift that keeps on giving." - Christi
"If Vivi came to me and said "I want to play softball", I would probably slit my wrists." - Cathy

instagrams: maddie kenzie chloe nia paige brooke kendall jojo kalani

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