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Dave Keuning returns to The Killers after 4 years; explains why he left while doing so

Stewie ~allegedly~ called his absence first!

-He left the band in 2017 to spend more time with his family, citing exhaustion. Meanwhile, he was still technically a member of the band.

-He misses playing live shows, but at the same time, could no longer handle the "touring" aspect after 10+ years. Ie, travelling 22 hours a day and being away from home for most of the year. He felt guilty because he was never home to spend time with his son.

-He was annoyed that Ronnie said "it’s been years since he’s been really a productive part of this band"

-COVID brought the band back together and they are already discussing another album

-He doesn't know if Mark will ever come back

Tags: brandon flowers / the killers, interview, music / musician (alternative and indie), reunion

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