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Sum 41's "Fat Lip" turns 20

In 2001 pop punk was everywhere and a small band from Ontario released their single “Fat Lip”. Stereogum talks to Derek Whitbey about their song and career as Sum 41.

Filmed in Pomona, skate parks, head shaving and lots of jumping, the video had it all.

Highlights of the article include:
• it took about a year for Whibley to write the song and another 6mo to record
• it was a last minute addition and wasn’t planned as part of the album
• if they get sick of playing their popular songs they will quit music because the point is playing what people love (and disses Radiohead for refusing to play theirs)
• no mention of avril

Do you remember where you were 20yr ago? I was in the spring semester of my junior year and anxiously awaiting summer and senior year!

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Tags: 2000s, music / musician, music / musician (alternative and indie), music / musician (other), where are they now

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