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The Golden Globes are imploding

Things at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association continue getting worse.

Several days ago, Deadline received emails from former HFPA President Philip Berk where he called the Black Lives Matter movement "a racist hate movement" and criticized co-founder Patrisse Cullors recent real estate purchases, going so far to mention that its near a home involved in the Manson murders. Brendan Fraser has also gone on record accusing Berk of groping him.

Yesterday, NBC and MRC issued a statement strongly condemning Berk's words. The HFPA soon expelled Berk from membership.

The groups crisis communication firm, Smith & Company, decided this email situation was the last straw and quit representing them.

At the same time, the groups diversity consultant also quit. THR states the consultants meeting with Time's Up regarding new diversity initiatives "did not go well."

Deadline is also reporting that the groups PR firm, Sunshine Sachs, is also planning on terminating their relationship.

After the Globes ceremony in February, a majority of PR firms in Hollywood threatened that they would suggest their clients skip any events with the HFPA if they didn't change their way in a quick fashion.

Tags: award show - golden globes, race / racism

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