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More Scott Rudin fallout on Broadway

Following accusations about Scott Rudin's abusive behavior and initial consequences/reactions, the latest fallout is Rob Roth, who directed the original Broadway production of the Disney musical Beauty and the Beast. He was set to direct the upcoming UK and Ireland tour of Beauty and the Beast.

Last week, Karen Olivo announced in an Instagram video that she would not be returning to Moulin Rouge as Satine when Broadway reopens. She said the industry response to Rudin's (alleged) abuse was unacceptable and that it was more important for her to help build a better theater industry than to just keep making money.

On April 16, Rob Roth wrote an email to Scott Rudin about Karen Olivo that said, "You deserve an honorary Tony Award for somehow getting that horrible woman to quit acting. It's a miracle. God bless you Scott for your service to American theatre.” Unfortunately for him, he composed this email while he was on a plane and the woman sitting next to him saw the entire email. She transcribed it and posted it.

Roth confirmed the contents of the leaked email and released the following statement: "Upon consideration of recent events, it is clear that I am not in a position to lead this production at this time. I see now that the sentiments included in a private email that went public were thoughtless and insensitive, and I am profoundly sorry that my comments have caused unintended pain."

Matt West, the original choreographer for the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast, is taking over as director of the UK/Ireland tour.

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