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Demi Lovato Doubles Down on Yogurt Shop Controversy

This is a follow-up to the three posts on the subject: part one, part two, and part three.

Instead of apologizing to The Bigg Chill, the small Los Angeles business that she called out for having sugar-free cookie options (and mistakenly assumed was a product of diet culture), Demi Lovato took to Instagram live to defend her position on why she continues to be a spokesperson for people with eating disorders and why she wants to stand up for the little girl inside of her who received such constant harmful messaging. It's a strange and prickly rant in which she fails to hold herself accountable for targeting a small business as a celebrity (many of her fans sent threats to the business owner), completely misunderstanding the purpose of having sugar-free items, and once again making it all about her.

This rant also came after she lied about the packaging that had upset her; TMZ released exclusive DMs you can read here. Apparently Demi tried to use an old image including a protein cookie with "guilt free" packaging to explain what set her off, but the store hasn't carried the product since 2016, so she deliberately lied about what she found triggering at the store.

Demi's friend Jameela Jamil also stepped in to defend her in a series of Instagram stories:

Source, 2, 3
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