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Wellness influencers and TikTok users are smoking flowers as 🍁 and 🚬 alternatives

Rose petals, raspberry leaves, and chamomile are turning popular as herbal cigarettes among wellness influencers and those looking to kick their tobacco addiction.

Herbal cigarettes have been a thing since forever in Asia, but now are taking Instagram and TikTok by storm as a trend. Sold in aesthetic packages with with a wide range of plants, like mugwort, lavender, mullein, damiana, blue lotus, peppermint and skullcap. Believed to be non-addictive, peddled as “tools to help through addictive relationships with weed or tobacco.” They’re featured on TikTok in aesthetic videos where users create an ethereal ambiance.

Some claiming the benefits of smoking them, chamomile, for example, supposedly helps with insomnia and acne. However due to a lack of scientific research, there are concerns on the effects of the substances when inhaled.

Favorite plant to smoke, ONTD?

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