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Costume designer for The Nanny talks fashion + C.C. Babcock update

-Brenda Cooper is the woman behind many of the iconic looks that Fran Fine wore during the shows first 4 seasons.

-She is the only person on the show to win an emmy

-Would have to pull 50 outfits per episode, 6 were just for Fran.

-Heavily inspired by the 40s, 50s, 60s

-In order to keep Fran stylish and not show to much skin while she was "working" she added the iconic turtleneck look that Fran would wear under many of her dresses.

-Took about 8-12 hrs a day just to shop for the show and about every piece would end up altered in some way.

-Would find clothes at Kmart and alter them, even found one of the CCs jackets in the trash (Niles would die to get a joke in)

-All 6 seasons are currently streaming on HBO Max

-Found success rather quick in Hollywood, with The Nanny being her 3rd gig

-After the show ended she decided to leave Hollywood as she figured she'd be typecast anyway and was 40 when the show ended. She knew how Hollywood was so decided it was just easier to go back to Texas.

-Felt that Niles being able to shade C.C. so easily during the first 3 seasons was getting tiresome so requested that they change it up a little which the writers obliged to.

-Knows that C.C. marrying Niles was unrealisitc but finds it funny.

-Knew David Davis (Niles) before they got cast on the show.

-Was never comfortable trying to be famous

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