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Luis Miguel La Serie S2 Premieres today !

There was a virtual premiere for the second season of the show :

-The main cast was there: Diego Boneta (Luis Miguel), Camila Sodi ( her character is named Erika but she is based on Issabela Camil, one of Luis Miguel's many girlfriends) , Martín Bello (Tito), Juanpa Zurita ( Alejandro Basteri) , César Bordón (Hugo Lopez)

-Macarena Achaga joined the cast as Michelle Salas, Luis Miguel's strained daughter .

-They showed the first 10 minutes of the first episode.

- The season will be more dark and will have many heavy scenes.

- It premieres today at 8 pm EST (Telemundo has the rights for the USA, in the rest of the world it premieres on Netflix)

- Like the first season, the episodes will be weekly.

Source 1 2

Finally !
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