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Indie chanteuse Angel Olsen comes out as gay


- Indie singer-songwriter Angel Olsen comes out as gay. She is currently dating Adele Thibodeaux, a writer on the HBO show “High Maintenance.”

- In a 2019 New York Times Magazine profile of hers, she said that she's straight “for now, until further notice.”

- In a 2016 interview with Belgian outfit BRUZZ, she said that: “The idea of calling someone 'my woman' is both old-fashioned and endearing. I'm doing these things for you and I'm suffering through them, while you can live your life, not knowing that that was suffering and love. But we have this connection anyway, because I love you so much that I forgive you and we are together in this moment.”

- Angel Olsen's notable songs include Shut Up Kiss Me, Lark, Never Be Mine, All Mirrors, and Tiniest Seed.


Lesbians winning. Congrats to her!
Tags: coming out, lgbtq / rights, music / musician (alternative and indie)

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