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ONTD ORIGINAL: 7 Covers That Are Better Than The Original

ONTD ORIGINAL: 7 Covers That Are Better Than The Original

"I Will Always Love You"
Whitney Houston > Dolly Parton

"Boys of Summer"
The Ataris > Don Henley

um ya, the ataris were down bad, broke, record deal almost over, landlord knocking on the door, property manager BANGING on the door, roaches, rats, waterbugs in the apt, career in SHAMBLES chile & their last hope was to cover a relic of a song by some guy from the beatles or whatever, they had ONE CHANCE, ONE TAKE in the studio & chile yea, a hit was born, idk really anything abt don henly, i hope hes doing good but sis never stood a chance

"Go Your Own Way"
Wilson Phillips > Fleetwood Mac

idk but honestly i prefer the haim wilson phillips version, like the fleetwood version is just too much jingle jangle, right around the 2m mark the song offered me a bump, WP version just gives sexy, sweet, something i think the original intended but erm fleetwood mac could really neva

"Edge of Seventeen"
Lindsay Lohan > Stevie Nicks

nobodys checkin la lohan, queen really turned an overlylong, incomprehensible mess of a song into something the gworls can get dressed to go to the club to, with lindz's smoky, SEXY, vocals it was bound to be a #1 but queen was too busy making #1 hit movies chile, stevie nicks could really like, ok she has some bops but could really never .... sry stevie

"Stand Back"
Sky Ferreira > Stevie Nicks

oop, not miss stevie being on this list 3 times already, whew, anyway, before sky reinvented indie rock, she was the pop dahling, hit after hit after hit, no misses & she covered stevie nicks' "stand back" & honestly breathed new life into the raggedy ass song, i cant even understand was stevie nicks was saying on the original, stand back from what?

"Don't Speak"
Carly Rae Jepsen > No Doubt
erm, yeah ....... the thing is like yes lets get this out the way, gwen was appropriating chola culture but she did it like the rent was due chile and she was paying in PESOS but she just doesnt have the vocal range that carly does and her recent songs are just no, i can excuse appropriation but i draw the line when the sis cant produce a bop

"I Can't Get No Satisfaction"
Britney Spears > The Rolling Stones
i've never heard a rolling stones song in my life, i didnt even listen to this song, idc, britneys is better because wtf did they need stratisfaction for, britney was down bad, media was always up in ha grill chile, i doubt the rolling stones were getting shit from the media in 1920 chile r u kidding me? anyway britney flexes her 17 octave range and whistle register and delivers i mean her most iconic vocal moment, sry rolling stones reach for the stars, maybe youll land amongst the stars but ya still could never make a songbetter than this

wait what are yall favorite covers

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