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The View: Topher Grace, Dr Ashish Jha, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic J&J Covid Vaxx Pause

6 people out of 7M J&J vaxx have developed blood clots. All are white women 18-48, 1 passed away, 3 also had co-morbidity of obesity, 1 was also taking hormone therapy treatment for menopause. Joy talks about Tucker Carlson and masks. Meghan continues to blame Biden admin for her husband GQP not getting the vaxx. Sunny feels people should be cautious and listen to the experts, and Pfizer and Moderna are more effective. Plus people get flu vaxx which has same efficacy as J&J vaxx. She’s angry at these ding dongs because she lost both her in-laws to covid. Sara thinks this is what transparency looks like. Explains why it was important to alert medical community in case patients present certain symptoms so they know how to react.

Hot Topic Dr Ashish Jha

Dr Jha is their go-to guy to talk about covid. Emphasizes the rare occurrence of blood clots with J&J vaxx. Pausing builds confidence in how the rollout works. Everyone who already had J&J vaxx should not worry if it’s been more than 1 month. If you develop symptoms, go to your doctor pronto. If you have an appt, don’t make changes. They’ll either swap the vaxx or re-start J&J [pause continues for a little while longer]. Some talk about states with rise in cases due to variants. Dr Jha says vaxx still works against variants. The strain in MI is more contagious so it’s more important to get vaxx, and still practice 3-W. Meghan blah blah more about her husband GQP won’t get vaxx and how it’s OTHER PEOPLE’S FAULT that they are ding dongs. Joy wonders about TX Gov Abbott reopening state and refusing mask mandate but their cases are dropping. Dr Jha says it’s a combo of people getting vaxx, the weather in each area, how much people are still in enclosed areas. Expects summer to be more normal for America this year. Whoopi thinks people in TX ignored Abbott and are still wearing masks.

Hot Topic Topher Grace

Topher Grace is promoting his new series Home Economics on ABC. He talks about his new baby, the show and being an exec producer, an actor, involved in the casting process, has high praise for the cast, doing physical comedy on the show, he is 42 YEARS OLD [how is that possible?!?!], reminisces about That 70s Show, talks about BlacKkKlansman and working with Spike Lee and how hard it was to be that dark character (David Duke). Gushes over Whoopi inspiring him.

Hot Topic Bachelor Colton Comes Out

The panel talks about his appearance on GMA with Robin Roberts. Sara felt it hit close to home for her, re/her brother. Talks about the similarities in their narrative. Sunny talks about it being a common struggle with people of faith, how the church teaches gay people to not like themselves, but she feels God doesn’t make mistakes. Joy talks about the history and how it used to be illegal to be gay, and only more recently have states either passed laws against discrimination, or adding new laws to discriminate against transgender, the cultural impacts of repression. Says the Catholic Church is only one religion, they’re all homophobic. Meghan talks about Clay Aiken and how he was harassed and treated before he publicly came out. Whoopi has a rant, basically she doesn’t think everyone needs to be in everybody else’s business.

Ontd how is your vaxx going

Appt made no shot yet
Fully vaxxed yay!
First shot Pfizer
Second shot Pfizer
First shot Moderna
Second shot Moderna
J&J shot pray for me
My area or country is slooow omg
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