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Let's Discuss Bravo's Best Show: The OG Married to Medicine

Hello and good morntingting!

OP has caught up with the best show on Bravo, Married to Medicine. If you don't watch the premise follows some Black female doctors and some women married to doctors in Atlanta as they navigate their personal and professional lives. In my opinion, we get some of the most genuine moments in reality TV, an aspect that's often been lost in other Bravo shows like the Real Housewives which can, at times, seem like their whole existence is for TV and social media. Also their children are some of the smartest and funniest kids. (Also shouts out to the smartest and most educated people in the Bravoverse are Black, honey!) OP has rounded up some clips from the most recent from season 8, but feel free to discuss the whole series. Also what ya think of the new lady, Anila? High key, her husband is great and she just ain't delivering for me yet. Also, we love Dr. Eugene and no slander will be tolerated! Dr. Scott is looking goodT but he ain't shit

Why are Drs. Jackie and Simone fighting and can someone fix it, pretty please? But Jackie's remark about failed apology toward Buffie last season probably made Simone see a different side of her.

One storyline is the doctors fighting against COVID and fighting for racial equality. One patient featured was a protestor who was violently attacked by a police officer and sees Dr. Heavenly to restore her smile.

These heffas are cussing and getting all kinds of loudT in front of someone's grandpapa.

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When Simone sends Michael off to college 🥺
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