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ONTD Original: The Best of 'New Music Fridays,' Q1 Edition

If you're an ONTD regular, you know that I make weekly posts highlighting some of the best new releases in music. In the interest of reflecting ONTD's diverse membership, the artists featured on New Music Fridays come from around the world, making exciting contributions to multiple genres. And, since last August, selections from each week's post have been featured on a rotating Spotify playlist, which nearly 90 of you have been kind enough to follow.

Even with weekly posts and a playlist, it's next-to-impossible to hear every new release (and New Music Friday posts only include 10 albums/EPs and 10 singles, from lists that often contain dozens more). With this in mind, I've taken the liberty of selecting what I think were 24 of the best songs released in the first quarter of 2021, in order of release.

To be considered, songs had to be included in one of Q1's 12 New Music Friday posts, either as singles or on the tracklist of a new album or EP—so if your favorite wasn't included, please don't feel snubbed! In fact, I welcome you to let me know which songs would've made your version of this list in the comments... trading recommendations with you all is what makes these posts fun! 😊

[Listen]BAEKHYUN - "Get You Alone" (K-Pop)

Poolside - "I Feel High" (with DRAMA, Electronic/Dance)

VICTON - "What I Said" (K-Pop)

ZAYN - "Sweat" (R&B/Soul)

Maggie Lindemann - "Crash and Burn" (Pop-Punk)

Slayyyter - "Troubled Paradise" (Pop)

IZ*ONE - "D-D-DANCE" (K-Pop)

Maluma - "Chocolate" (Urbano Latino)

Daya - "Bad Girl" (Pop)

VanJess - "Come Over" (R&B/Soul)

Dua Lipa - "We're Good" (Pop)

Rita Ora & Imanbek - "Big" (feat. Gunna, Electronic/Dance / Pop)

I.M - "God Damn" (Korean Hip-Hop)

Paloma Mami - "Religiosa" (Urbano Latino)

Aleyna Tilki - "Retrograde" (Pop)

Madison Beer - "Sour Times" (Pop)

Bebe Rexha - "Sacrifice" (Pop)

Blu DeTiger - "Vintage" (Alternative)

Selena Gomez - "Buscando Amor" (Pop Latino)

WayV - "Action Figure" (Mandopop)

Joyce Wrice - "On One" (feat. Freddie Gibbs, R&B/Soul)

Nasty Cherry - "Her Body" (Pop)

Anthony Ramos - "Say Less" (R&B/Soul)

Lil Nas X - "MONTERO (Call Me by Your Name)" (Hip-Hop/Rap)

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