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ONTD Original: Olivia Rodrigo's Possible Album Previews

For long-time fans of Olivia Rodrigo (thank you ONTD users who convinced me to watch HSM the show) or new fans of Olivia Rodrigo, you may have followed her on Instagram when she posted clips to songs she wrote before Driver's License became big. Using my amateur detective skills, I am going to share what songs I think made it to her upcoming album, Sour.

Her Target Exclusive Album cover just in case you guys were triggered by the Gen Z stickers


The other day she sent out letters to subscribers of her newsletters. These letters were addressed to different countries. She pulled from Taylor Swift and decided to give clues to her songs. (At least I think she did. I mean it's pretty obvious.) I'm posting the newsletter images to support my case.

Her letter to the U.S.

1. brutal
In this letter she mentions the #1 and the word "brutal." These correspond to her confirmed track list order and title of song.

This one stumped me. I think this is either a brand new song that she never posted a clip for on IG, "Apocalyptic Crush"  or "Pay Grade." Both songs seem to be fan favorites so I feel like one of them has to be on the album. I also think they have the most brutal lyrics. I think Apocalyptic Crush might make her look bad with this whole love triangle angle, so I'm guessing it's Pay Grade.

Her letter to the U.K.

2. traitor
In this letter she mentions the #2, "trait" and being obsessed with Twilight. During quarantine she wrote this cute bop inspired by Twilight. Who is the traitor in Twilight? I can only think of Kristen Stewart (the actor vs. Bella) honestly.

Her letter to Japan

3. driver's license
In this letter she mentions the #3 and the title track. Obviously we know this is on the album, but I thought it would still be fun to show the video when she presented the song months before. If you didn't know by now, she is a great songwriter.

Her letter to Brazil

4. 1 step forward, 3 steps back
In this letter she mentions the #4 and the song title. I honestly have no clue which song this might be. It could be one of her more positive love songs??? If that is the case I'm guessing either "Love" or "The Exception"

5. deja vu
Not sure if there is a letter for this one. I want to believe that there was just no clever way to use the number 5. I will not be posting a video for this, as this song was a full collaboration with Dan Nigro, her producer. Her other songs were 75% her and 25% him, but Deja Vu was newly written while she was filming season 2 of HSM so there are no past clips.

Her letter to Germany

6. good 4 u
This letter was a bit tricky until I realized she literally said "good! 4 you." She also says "Crazy!"

Her letter to Spain

7. enough for you
This letter mentions the #7 and she says "enough for you r"...oh Olivia. I want to believe this is "White Flowers" as she mentions "Heaven" in this letter and because it's one of her best songs. IT HAS TO BE ON THIS ALBUM. I'd love to hear a finished version as I could listen to this little clip on repeat. This song also has the best lyrics: “I built my life on your attention, on being an object of your affection. Now crazy in love don’t feel sweet ‘cause I’m with you but I miss me, wish somebody had told me what I know now, losing yourself in someone isn’t Heaven, it’s Hell”

Her letter to Philippines

8. happier
This letter mentions the #8 and the title track. This one was easy!

Her letter to Australia

9. jealously, jealously
This letter mentions the title track. I'm going to guess this is "21st Century Girls," but it could also be "Never Be Like Her" I can't choose because I like them both.

Her letter to Canada

10. favorite crime
This letter mentions crime shows and the #10. I think this has to be "Victim" I love everything about his track! I imagine she would change the song title as "Victim" relates too much to how Taylor Swift is portrayed in a negative light lol.

11. hope ur ok
For this one I have no clue at all!

Some of these felt easier to guess but some were a total shot in the dark. If you check out the Video Sources, you can see all the other songs she's written in the past that are great and maybe tell me which songs you think I missed/messed up on.

I feel like "Gross" has to be in the album somewhere as there are sooooo many covers of this snippet and it's a good pop song...but also how good would "Pretender" be? That one has Fiona Apple vibes. (Before you guys freak out, I'm not saying she is Fiona Apple or better than her, it's just got VIBES)

I know this is a lot to listen to and many people probably won't even click, but please don't be too harsh, this post took me a long time to make.

Video Sources | Newsletter Sources
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