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The Midsommar May Queen

Suspect Arrested in Kristin Smart Disappearance, Covered in True Crime Podcast

The 1996 disappearance of nineteen year old college student Kristin Smart was in the news today after longtime suspect and fellow student Paul Flores and his father were arrested for murder. Kristin went missing after a party near Cal Poly; Paul Flores was the last person she was seen with but has never been arrested for any alleged involvement in the crime until today.

During today's press conference, police directly credited Chris Lambert's popular eight-part podcast Your Own Backyard for new evidence coming about regarding Kristin's disappearance and presumed death. Police confirmed the podcast helped people who were at the party but who didn't realize they had information come forward.

Susan Flores, mother of the suspect, accused Lambert of picking and choosing from deposition information related to the case, only reporting what he wanted. She also said his podcast has included false information, saying, “I can shoot a lot of holes into a lot of his lies.”

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Tags: podcasts, true crime

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