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'SHAMELESS' Series Finale Post - After Party + How did it end?!

(Sorry mods, here's an updated version with the sources)

New Series Finale stills:

Also, they'll be hosting a live after party with the cast: [Spoiler (click to open)]

The episode is already available for digital subscribers, so how did the show end?

[Spoiler (click to open)]- Frank does not die from the last episode's overdose, but his dementia makes him walk confused on the streets, a woman tells him to wear a mask and he picks up a mask from the floor. He ends up in the hospital and is positive for COVID-19.
- Liam had a bit of a sad end since all he did was looking for Fran but never got to find him.
- Lip finally gets to sell the house and he and Tami are gonna be parents again, he also takes Liam to live with him.
- Debbie and Frannie move to Texas since Debbie met a Milkovich-kinda trash girl and fell for her in two days. (ugh).
- Ian and Mickey move to the west side, Mickey pretends to forget their anniversary and they all end up in a surprise party at the Aliby and they both talk about becoming parents.
- Kev and V are moving to Kentucky and sold everything.
- Carl and his cop buddie agree to buy the Aliby and turn it into a cop bar.
- At the end Frank dies of COVID19, and right before he kicks it he sees himself in his house and the bar with flashes of the kids in the pilot as well as Fiona and Steve. Once Frank is dying he reads the letter he left his kids and it's an updated version of his intro from the pilot (and an american version of the intro of Shameless UK), while everyone gathers around a car on fire singing and drinking, just like the pilot.
- A post credit scenes reveals Frank had so much alcohol in him that the funeral house explodes when they try to cremate him.


ONTD, what did you think about Shameless? Pls comment with a spoiler cut since some people are waiting for it to air on TV tonight.
Tags: lgbtq / rights, shameless (uk / us), spoilers, television - showtime

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