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‘The Nanny’s’ Costume Designer Ranks Fran Fine’s 10 (5) Best Outfits

Costume designer Brenda Cooper picks her personal 10 favorite outfits from show during the four seasons she worked on it. Go to the source to see them all!

10. 'Ode to Barbra Joan' (Season 1, Episode 20) - Bob Mackie

"I always loved to make Fran look like Audrey Hepburn or different characters. For this, I wanted to make it look like different characters, like, ‘Let’s play dress up.’ I went to Elizabeth Courtney Costumes [Bob Mackie’s design studio] where all of Bob’s clothes were. All his designs for Cher were there, too. Do you know how exciting it was to go into those warehouses and see clothes that Cher had worn and they were hanging up on racks? I saw this dress and nothing could be [more] perfect.”

8. 'The Nanny Behind the Man' (Season 2, Episode 16) - A Classic Formula of Turtlenecks and Cocktail Dresses

"I would find these great dresses, but they had a spaghetti strap and it wasn’t enough for me. So again, it was about putting the turtleneck under that dress which gives it a completely different vibe."

6. 'Canasta Masta' (Season 2, Episode 14) - Adding Sass to Anna Sui

“This is an Anna Sui suit, and that’s fine. If you put your finger over the suit, it’s sassy. It’s OK, but let’s make it brilliant. I asked myself, ‘How can I pump up the volume on this? How can I make it wittier, funnier and sassier?’ What’s more formal than a vest?”

4. 'Personal Business' (Season 1, Episode 9) - Fran and C.C Babcock

“That red jacket was my jacket. I had a collection of 1940s jackets, and I used to put C.C [Lauren Lane] in all of them. She was a different character. She was town and country, very proper, but she couldn’t be town and country boring.”

“With Fran, that crop top was by Rachel London and it needed to fulfill something in the script, but I always wanted to elevate the humor with the clothes.”

2. 'Personal Business' (Season 1, Episode 9) - A Mini Vest

“This look was perfect for a date. Yes, I could have just done her all in black, but why? Why do all black when you can just add this vest and it had those sparkles? This is the essence of clean, elegant, graphic, sassy and sexy.”

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