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ONTD Original-What should Taylor Swift do about the re-release of "Better Than Revenge"

Assuming you're a loyal reader of ONTD then you definitely know at this point that Taylor Swift is releasing updated and re-recorded versions of her earlier albums. At some point she is going to be releasing the updated version of her third album, Speak Now. But what is she going to do about the slut shaming anthem "Better Than Revenge?"

If you need a refresher-

Taylor Swift famously dated Joe Jonas in 2008.
Their brief relationship ended over a 27 second phone call.

After their split Joe Jonas allegedly met a promising young actress with dozens of fans named Camilla Belle on the set of the Jonas Brothers music video Lovebug.

The two quickly began dating. In 2009 The Jonas Brothers released a song about Camilla called "Much Better" that was a distinct burn towards Taylor, implying that Belle was "much better" than Swift.

Sample lyrics-
"now I'm done with superstars, and all the tears on their guitar"
"everything I'd ever need is the girl right in front of me, she's much better"

The pressure of being the hottest young couple in Hollywood was too much and tragically Joe and Camilla broke up.

In 2010 Taylor Swift released her third album "Speak Now" which featured the subject of our post, the song "Better Than Revenge"

Sample lyrics-
"She's not a saint, and she's not what you think. She's an actress. But she's better known for the things she does on the mattress."

Hints that the song is about Camilla-
"she thinks I'm psycho, cause I like to rhyme her name with things"
When the news publicly broke that Camilla and Joe were dating, Taylor allegedly tweeted "Camilla smells" and then quickly deleted it.

"no amount of vintage dresses gives you dignity"
Camilla Belle was a fashion darling, sitting front row of many fashion shows and participating in campaigns with Miu Miu and Vera Wang amongst others.

And most notably-
"show me how much better you are. so much better, yeah?"
This was a direct call to the Jonas Brothers song about Camilla, "much better."

Our story next takes us to 2015, when Nikki  Minaj and Taylor had a little twitter feud.

Katy Perry piped up and tweeted out

To which Camilla replied

Although OP thinks she could have said it better.
Perhaps something like,

Camilla has never publicly commented on the song, beyond the occasional subtweet.

Taylor has acknowledged the controversy only once, as far as OP is aware.

In 2014 she told the guardian, "I was 18 when I wrote that. That’s the age you are when you think someone can actually take your boyfriend. Then you grow up and realize no one can take someone from you if they don’t want to leave.”

She has never publicly apologized to Belle.

Here is the only known picture of the two of them in the same room.
The tension is palpable.

Now that we know the back story. How should Taylor handle the re-release of Better Than Revenge?

Guess #1-
Release the updated version of the song with no lyric updates and no acknowledgment.
Gonna happen? Unlikely. At the very least OP imagines Taylor will update the lyrics to be less slut shamey.

Guess #2-
Take the song off the album re-release.
Gonna happen?Very unlikely. This risks the Streisand effect.

Guess #3-Submitted by noted ontd member beeweastie "release a new music video for it...with camilla lip syncing for taylor/playing taylor and then taylor playing the other woman and none of the lyrics are changed. and then taylor donates the earnings from the song to the women's charity/cause of camilla's choice, they do some cute photoshoot together, iconic"
Gonna happen?-If there's a God.

Guess #4-Submitted by frenchmoodle "she'll change all of the pronouns to "he" and make it about scooter."
Gonna happen? Honestly, maybe lol.

What do you think, ontd??? Will Camilla get her groove back?
Poll #2110142 Better Than Revenge

How should Taylor handle this song re-release?

Release the song with no updates and no apology
Collaborate with Belle on a joint project, girl power and friendship
Turn the song into a burn against Scooter
Release the song with minimal lyric changes to make it less slut shamey
I like taking polls

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