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Paing Takhon, Myanmar Celebrity among those arrested in the anti-coup crackdown in Myanmar

Paing Takhon, a famous Myanmar male model and actor, with millions of fans in Myanmar and Thailand, was just arrested two days ago for being outspoken about the coup and joining in anti-coup protests. He was taken away by 50 soliders in 8 military trucks at his mother's house in Yangon. His health is in bad condition as he has Malaria. Praying for him!

On Feburary 1st, the egomaniac leader of the Tatmadaw, the burmese military, had Aung San Su Kyi, leader of the civilian political party NLD that won the November 2020 elections in a landslide, arrested along with president U Win Myint.

Since then, there has been protests all over Myanmar thats been violently crackdowned by the military. Over 600 civilians have died and more than 40 of them are children, the youngest at 5 years old. There's been more than 3000 arrests of NLD party members and protestors, some who have died under detaintion. They have also launched air strikes in civilian villages, displacing over 30,000 civilians that are forced to flee to avoid these air strikes, and leaving dozens, mostly children and the eldery dead.

The Junta has also shut off all mobile data and wireless routers, leaving only fiber broadband on, with complete internet shut offs from 1am to 9am to control the exchange of information. They've also banned Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even WIKIPEDIA (?!?!) in a tireless effort of stopping the flow of information to the outside. (I am currently typing all of this out sitting in my office.) They've also stopped the printing of independent newspapers, and recently, they've started confiscating statellite dishes as well.

Some celebrities who have spoken out -  both local and international

Han Lay, Miss Grand Myanmar speaks out about this issue in Bangkok, during the Miss Grand International Pagent event

The Junta has given out a warrant for her arrest but she is currently in Bangkok, Thailand. Praying for her safety too!

Lena Headey

Thomas Sadoski

Michelle Yeo

Made this post just to have a space to talk and discuss about the situation on ground. I am burmese and am currently living there now, so feel free to ask any questions! Also, if you'd like to help support our IDPs, please ask me for links!

Also, I'd have liked to make this longer and add more links in, but the internet here is VERY slow, in addition to having to use VPN because a lot of websites are blocked. (done on purpose by the Junta to slow down the flow of information). So Sorry!

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