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Warner Bros is a mess. Sky is blue. Writer Chris Terrio details messy DC Universe

-Chris Terrio is the writer behind such films as Batman Vs Superman, Justice League (Snyders Cut), Argo, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

-Ben Affleck brought him onto BvS to rework the script that WB already had in motion. Ben wanted Chris to add more character to the script and flesh out Bruce.

-Terrio alleges that the original script for BvS was already dark before he rewrote it. The OG script had Batman brand Luthor at the end of the film, something Terrio wanted to change as he wanted Bruce to see the error of his ways by the end of the movie.

-The script also had "Superman raining hell upon Black African Muslim characters" who had taken Lois hostage.

-Was pissed when WB cut 30mins off of BvS runtime since it ruined the flow of the movie and took away the characters motivations.

-After BvS flopped, WB wanted a lighter JL so Terrio lightened the script which is what is seen in the Snyder cut.

-The studio didn't care about building any semblance of a coherent universe, they just wanted to get the films released. Wonder Woman and Aquaman were still being written while he was working on Justice League so he couldn't pair with those teams about how they would handle the characters. The Amazons were not even cast yet for WW.

-Once he saw Whedons two hour version of JL, he attempted to get his named removed from the film but it was to late so he didn't push the matter to avoid drama.

-He was never invited to set or given proper time to work with the actors and once they brought in Whedon they didn't even bother to consult him on the film.

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