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ONTD Original: The Avrilution is here!


Almost 20 years ago (sorry), Avril Lavigne released her debut studio album 'Let Go' that became the best-selling album of the 21st century by a Canadian artist. Avril has since been dubbed the official "Pop Punk Queen" thanks to her skate-punk persona, paving the way for female-driven, punk-influenced pop music of the early 2000's.

Now, a new generation of sk8er girls have entered the music scene complete with gritty vocals, dazzling guitar riffs, and empowered lyrics. But will these rocker rookies stand the test of time, or will they fade away like another passing trend? Let's dive in!

1. Baby Queen

"Baby Queen" is the musical project of 23-year-old singer-songwriter Bella Latham who was born in South Africa and currently lives in London. Her sound is a mix of bubblegum, alt-rock, grunge and synth-pop. She released her debut EP 'Medicine' last November, and she wrote her single "Pretty Girl Lie" over Zoom with her producer. The pandemic has not slowed her down! Listen to more here.

2. Carlie Hanson

One of the most buzzed about, Carlie first grabbed major attention in 2018 when her song "Only One" was featured on a playlist curated by Taylor Swift. That same year she toured with Troye Sivan and Kim Petras, then went on the road with Yungblood in 2019. Whew! Carlie released her EP "DestroyDestroyDestroyDestroy" back in October that gives a poppy, gritty sound with a splash of R&B. Check her out here.

3. Kelsy Karter

Remember the girl that got the Harry Styles tattoo on her face? Yep, that's Kelsy! With her strong vocals and high energy pop-rock songs, this Aussie singer has now built a cult following that loves her for her music, not the tattoo stunt. Kelsy comes from a family of jazz musicians and enjoys injecting 70's rock nods into her sound. Hear more here.

4. Maude Latour

This 22-year-old NYC native loves to tell stories with her well-written, yet danceable, pop-rock tunes. Starting out with an acapella group in high school, Maude wrote songs and performed them in local bars. So far, her tracks total over 12 million streams on Spotify, and her fans have eaten up the introspective way her music is presented. You can take a deeper dive here.

5. Maggie Lindemann

Since 2015, Maggie has been trying to find her sound, and it looks like pop-punk might be it! Hailing from Dallas, she has credited "anti pop stars" like Lana Del Rey, Banks, Paramore, Evanescence and Flyleaf for influencing her musical journey. Those are some big shoes to fill! Do you think she's nailing it? Check her out here.

6. Pale Waves

Probably the most well known out of the group, Pale Waves has been making a name for themselves since 2017 when they were signed to Dirty Hit and taken under the wing of The 1975 front-man Matty Healy. Starting out with a synthy, dream-pop sound, Pale Waves has comfortably transitioned to a more pop-punk, rock sound that's more LGBTQIA+ focused in its writing. Start your obsession here.

7. renforshort

Lauren Isenberg, also known as "renforshort", is a fellow Canadian from Toronto. Growing up, she was musically influenced by Billy Joel, The Velvet Underground, and Nirvana. In 2015 she began posting covers of songs to YouTube and SoundCloud, eventually gaining attention from Geffen Records. On March 13, 2020, she released her debut EP 'Teenage Angst'. You can discover more from ren here.


This pop-punk trio known for their sex-positive lyrics are quickly taking over TikTok with their bright colored hair and rocker style. Influenced by fellow rockers Avril Lavigne, Hayley Williams, and Gwen Stefani, these body positive and anti-misogyny ladies take no sh!t. They're the newest on the scene, but are quickly making a name for themselves. Get your own tramp stamp here.

Well, there you have it! The future of pop-punk is here! But will it last? Does it feel authentic? Did I miss any of your favs, ONTD? Do you feel old yet? Do you even know what the f*ck is going on in here on this day?

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