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Glass Animals Perform "Heat Waves" in Abandoned Amusement Park

Making the most of the creativity afforded to pandemic performances, Glass Animals perform "Heat Waves" off their album Dreamland at the abandoned yet aptly-named Dreamland amusement park on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

source | gif source

The fact that this song continues to gain momentum and rise on the charts now, nearly 10 months after its release, and that apparently some of this popularity is due to Minecraft fanfiction (???) is 1) wild, and 2) a sentence I would have never predicted to write, yet here we are.

Tags: british celebrities, late night talk show, live performance, music / musician, music / musician (alternative and indie)

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This song lowkey slaps, I love it so much. Glad to see they got some success.

Also link this fanfic. How big does a fanfic have to be for the readers of it to stream a song and make a non-negligible dent in the charts?
It’s a locked fanfic that you can only read if you are a member of AO3, but every time it updated it would break the servers because apparently like 10,000+ people would go read it immediately. I thiiiink it’s the second most popular fanfic of all time on there already and it’s been like months?
They have way better songs. How this song catapulted to the top of Australian charts astounds me.
Ok I had to research the fanfic thing further:
"Late last year, ‘Heat Waves’ inspired a piece of fanfiction of the same name about two popular Minecraft YouTubers named Dream and Georgenotfound. Between them, the pair of streamers have over 21 million subscribers, and ‘dnf’ is short for Dreamnotfound – the ship name for the pair.

The ‘Heat Waves’ fanfic went viral among the Minecraft YouTuber community which opened up the song to a whole new audience discovering Glass Animals for the first time.

“I burn you?” “You melt me”, is a phrase from a pivotal moment in the fanfic where the unrequited YouTubers begin to express their true feelings.

Searching #heatwaves on TikTok produces thousands of posts dedicated to the unrequited love of Dreamnotfound, scored by Glass Animals. And it’s the same deal on nearly other social platform."

lmao wtf
that makes more sense (in a horrifying way) for minecraft fic. i was like what is there to ship in minecraft? sheep and shovels?!


April 8 2021, 11:36:36 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 11:37:15 UTC

So it's a fic about real people ? Who play a game? And it made a real song chart ? HM
rpf is literally the most awkward thing imaginable. like literally why the FUCK is anyone into it??? it's mortifying.
parasocial relationships + the 4th wall no longer exists
I don't know anyone mentioned here but the second hand embarrasment is real
Get. Off. My. LAWN.
this tracks lmao
thank you for researching this for us
well well well. it u
ohhhh this makes WAY more sense. i was so confused thinking it was about the game and i was like "i thought it was just a sandbox game what is there to write about??"
I just woke up and this song was in my head and this is the first post I see lol.
I had this song on heavy rotation in the Summer of 2016.

Alt-j’s career really got bodied by 2 stoners eating rice cakes paving the way for Glass Animals to step in
Lmfao what happened?

this video came out in 2015 after their second album and their third album? lowkey fell off


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

I love Glass Animals. I rewatch their live where there was thunder at the same moment he sang about it whenever I'm sad/drunk/high
Yesss, I love that performance!

He looks a bit like lionel messi
Wait I was expecting not to care about this but it's a vibe!!!!
tbh i don't care for this song
this is on my sad summer music playlist
I really like Gooey too
I like this song, but the whole story about the fanfic is nuts 😬
Tangerine deserved! I do like this song tho
"Tangerine" definitely got pushed to the side a bit when "Heat Waves" kept exploding, rip. Justice for "Your Love" tbh; still my favourite of the Dreamland singles (but I really like all of them).
10 months.
First time hearing it.
Let me push stop.
I like this song so far but knowing it's based on fanfiction about two Minecraft Youtubers. Like, I know Minecraft is kinda big now again due to the pandemic but to put two dudes in who are. I guess I would have to read it and see if you could change the names and the fanfic would still be hot and awesome.
bb the fan fic is based on the song not the other way around lol
I reread what OP put and the other poster and I got the wording confused. AHH!!


1 week ago

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