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Khloé Kardashian Addresses Recent Photo Kontroversy

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April 8 2021, 07:04:43 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 07:06:08 UTC

sure jan. unretouched maybe but definitely plastic surgeried up and down ha face and body

what am i looking at?
This doesn't even look like it could be the photo of the same person.


April 8 2021, 09:02:00 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 09:03:10 UTC


[Spoiler (click to open)]B799DD8D-9852-40A2-85E6-940FA674CC9C.jpg
The highlight and contour on her tits, jesus.


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

what the fucking fuck- that's terrifying
the thing that's so absurd is she doesn't even look bad on the right
where is the photo on the right from? idgi how she can do all those edits when the other one exists????


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

It’s sad she’s scared of her own face
Is it me or is one eye higher than the other?
Holy shit. It's like, you know she's had a lot done but when you see it side by side.. truly horrifying.
This really fucks my mind. My own body dysmorphia is screaming inside because part of me gets it and the other part of me is terrified.
her original face looks like kylie's original face
Something about her face/expression on the right makes me angry but also makes me laugh
Girl we can still you have your shape in photo you didn’t need to continue to once again reinforce such unattainable ideas of what we should look like with your insta live and videos lmao

This entire thing is so frustrating!! Instead of recognizing her body issues as a problem and addressing them (privately/publicly idk not the point rn) she turns it in a profit with her businesses and marketing. She continues to photoshop herself in every photo regardless

She’s a victim of this vicious, ugly cycle women have to handle throughout their lives of having ideas of how they should look forced down their throats. She never deserved the bullying and harassment she would get about her looks. But the problem is instead of trying to break the harmful cycle - she and her klan remain top influencers and continue aiming their money grabs towards insecure girls who want to dress like them, be shaped like them, look even facially like them.

All beauty standards are harmful, but we must continue heading towards celebrating each other despite the differences and the importance of inclusivity!
I feel like she'd make more money from dealing with it because a lot of people can relate to it, and I assume when she can't make money from what she's currently shilling that will be the way she monetises herself. It's sad and I hope she gets through it, but with a family like hers ...
Yeah, in her post she obviously addresses how insecure she is and her body issues which must be hard, but she fails to recognize how photoshopping herself into oblivion, promoting flat tummy tea, the plastic surgery, etc. negatively affects beauty standards. I get being in the public eye can be tough for her, but she does choose to have the platform and this is how she chooses to use it.
girl I seriously needed to hear this today. I'm so down on my looks sometimes and I know I shouldn't be but I see these 'influencers' and I just feel like a dump in comparison. I have psoriasis and its acting up af with Spring :(((((
Hey bb, I’m glad I could be of help at anytime :) Please feel free to message me if you ever need an ear! I’m sorry about what you’re going through :( please always remember our bodies are ever changing! While we may not be happy with it rn there will be a time again where we will be like “you know what?? I am hot girl” you know? Because I promise you every single person has moments where they are insecure too. Why do you think influencers edit themselves so much, as sad as that was to say omg. Anyways girl I hope you’re doing well today! ❤️
She never deserved the bullying and harassment she would get about her looks. But ... she and her klan remain top influencers and continue aiming their money grabs towards insecure girls

Yeah, that's the crux of it.

It bothers me that people justify shitting on her looks because she's been a bad influence. It's fair to point out what's edited or unnatural to undo the facade, but mocking specific physical qualities isn't helpful. If anything, that's going to make regular people who read it more insecure if they share her natural features.
I feel so bad for their kids. Imagine the body issues they will develop, if this is your mom’s/family’s reaction.


April 8 2021, 08:47:00 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 12:01:36 UTC

She uses filters on her daughter so much and has since she was born. :[
omg :((((( her poor daughter :(
hm this really sounds like psychological abuse
Kim does this too. She has been caught making North’s tummy smaller, that sort of thing.
why wont she just admit to having surgery then the message would ring much clearer if the plan was to gain sympathy
TW youth exploitation

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Someone on Twitter brought up the fact that she posted and mocked a young(er) Chloe Grace Moretz when she posted the picture of her on the beach with her asshole exposed and it reminded me of how vile she is beyond her racist bs.

She's a nasty ass POS and doesn't deserve Black children.
This is all I was thinking when I was reading about her "wah posting unflattering pictures of me hurts!".
The picture wasn't even Chloe's butt but Khloe thought it was. It was a picture that a pervy paparazzo took, yet Khloe showed no remorse about posting that picture to humiliate a teenager. She's fucking trash. And yeah, I feel sorry for her kid.
Glad it wasn't really her. Hopefully that granted the actual girl a little anonymity? Either way, it's exploitative af and hurts both girls.

I clicked "khloe" on Twitter since it was trending and that's what came up. Freaked me out but reminded me what a POS she is on top of everything else
People have very convenient amnesia when it comes to this family.


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

I’d completely forgotten about this! Thanks for bringing it up.
Big fucking yikes. I had no idea about this story. What pity I had for her has vanished.
And don't forget the fact it was in reply to Chloe Grace Moretz commenting how Kim shouldn't be posting nudes on Twitter, I think.

Instead of ignoring her or muting her, they did that gross shit and tried to act like it's the same. This family is a circus of clowns.
I don’t even remember this, when did this happen :/


2 weeks ago

Disgusting and pathetic for an adult to do that to a teenager
I remember that. Khloe is such a bitch when she isn’t playing the victim.


2 weeks ago

I've never heard about this before and holy shit that is vile.
Yeah I remember that and how people were just laughing along to it. Because Chloe was dubbed a "white feminist" for not liking that one magazine cover of Kim. Again, a TEENAGER, was dubbed a ~white feminist~ for this.
also that wasn't even Chloe Grace Moretz - they were in a twitter fight and Khloe started e-bullying her and found a picture of a completely unrelated woman who was exposed on a beach and claimed it was Chloe


April 8 2021, 07:16:53 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 07:28:29 UTC

Hmmmm. I have very mixed feelings about this whole situations. I think both the general public and Khloe are in the wrong.

Obviously Khloe for promoting an unrealistic body image, blah blah blah...the usual Kardashian stuff, obviously they are trash, but also, people genuinely DO body shame her and have been since forever. .

I also think there is something to be said in that there seems to be a consensus, especially amongst more progressive thinkers, that when it comes to body shaming and other such issues, that the Kardashians are the exception to the rules.

The Kardashians can still be trash and simultaneously be victims of gross sexism...I genuinely think there might even be a point like there is currently for Britney and Paris, that we look back on the last decade or so and cringe.
The mediascape is entirely different though. There's something about socmed that flattens time and extends the relevancy of people who would have otherwise been buried or taken off at this point.

SocMed allows and encourages people who build their brands on it to constantly center themselves in a conversation without realizing their relationship to power or their role in an issue. They are the girl boss and the victim and the bully and theirs is the narrative to behold.

I think that’s a really good nuanced point and the comparison to Paris/Britney. I will say I just find it hard to feel entirely sorry for the Kardashians when they’re like “I have body issues because society. Here’s a product so you can look like me”.

The Kardashians are at the top of the food chain when it comes to body image and I think they should be held somewhat accountable. If people argue that everyone is a victim of our system and the Kardashians are a symptom than the cause then are nobody, not even public figures, held responsible for the actions they do and perpetuate and therefore nobody can affect change?

I don’t think Britney did anything wrong per se, in that she didn’t negatively affect girls - I mean, if she did in terms of her skinny appearance or whatever, her job at the end of the day was to sing and she profited by making music. She couldn’t control what the media were saying about her.

I do think the Kardashians are negatively affecting girls today and their job is literally to make people feel insecure so they can buy their products which is made worse compounded by social media which is 100% in their narrative control.


April 8 2021, 17:21:11 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 17:25:21 UTC

I don't think a victim vs. perpetrator structure is the appropriate way to look at it, to be honest. We can all be both.

I also think talking about them* as a type of public figure vs. individuals is different.

It is society that holds them up as influential and powerful, and the fact that the archetype they embody exists at all is a symptom of fucked up societal values.

Those same fucked up values are behind the misogyny they experience. Saying so is a comment on society's treatment of women, not whether the Kardashians deserve sympathy for their suffering.

Because as individuals, they had the choice to step into that role and be the ones to fill it. They are still responsible for perpetuating the things that harmed them instead of working to heal from them.

(edited for clarity)
Oh it's the same phenomenon I sometimes see with certain people who normally promote feminist values. "Hey! Don't use gendered slurs, that's sexist! Wait, that woman that we don't like and does things we disapprove of? Yeah, she's such a s***, and a b****, and a c***." I've literally had people argue with me (a few years back on reddit) because they called a woman in an article with sexist views all kinds of misogynist names. And when I pointed out that sexist slurs are sexist no matter who the recipient is, I got told that this was different because "she deserved it".

Similar energy.


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

I mean the Kardashians are targets of legit misogyny, but they also very shamelessly use that to deflect non-sexist, good faith critiques and continue perpetuating sexism themselves.

That's something that Britney and Paris never really did (in Britney's case bc I think she's a good person, in Paris' case because that kind of feminist criticism didn't have much mainstream audience when she was famous so she never had the chance to).

I go harsher on women who use the language of feminism to defend their shitty misogynistic behavior because they've clearly put in the time to learn enough to twist it and defend themselves, and have no interest in changing their own behavior. But ofc its also true that the Ks are targets of misogynists and that's not ok.
they profit so much off of women and young girls' insecurities, i can't see them [the klan] as victims in any sense i'm sorry - they are genuinely to blame for so much and continue to do it- so many people have called them out against for their shitty behaviour - literally nothing is stopping them from continuing to perpetuate this dangerous and toxic beauty standard. it's such bullshit.


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

Britney and Paris are two diff things. Britney is generally sweet and a good person from what we know. Paris is a disgusting racist.. she can keep her rewritten narrative. Same with this family
Totally agree. Defending that only reinforces the idea that it's okay to use misogyny to punish women, and that hurts all of us.
See while I feel a certain level of sympathy cause she always has considered the least prettiest one of the Kardashians/ the same cry me a river cause she and her family haved PROFITED and BUILT AN ENTIRE EMPIRE on insecurities.

You can tell her esteem took a huge blow here cause of those photos (which btw she doesn't look bad lol) "leaking" cause usually she tries to clap back or whatever but she's not doing that here.

She is not the first nor last girl to trashed for her look but she is one of the few to not help her fellow woman but encourage to fix it with editing, filtering, cosmetic procedures etc...etc instead of even remotely challenging the system like so many others. As annoying as she can be Jameela Jamil wasn't wrong when she called the klan "agents of the patriarchy"- they work for it since it profits them.

I'm more merciful and sympathetic towards actual working woman in Hollywood cause it's not really a choice for them, whereas it is for the Kardashians/Jenners.
This is well said!

The way I feel is that if a genie granted her wish to be the hottest woman in the world tomorrow she wouldn't use that to uplift other women but to shame them and make them feel bad. It's who she is and it's very sad.
I mostly agree, except I don't think that she's "one of the few" not helping her fellow woman. She's definitely one of the worst examples of pushing the opposite agenda, but I'd argue that most aren't making it a priority to be honest about the surgery, skincare, and photoshop they use to look the way they do. It's just more subtle.
Like I said I tend to be a bit more forgiving towards actual working women in Hollywood. Cause they are forced to work in a system that values looking young and fresh and if they aren’t their job offers start shrinking.

They might get praised~ for admitting if they’ve had cosmetic procedures or whatever but also get ridiculed and/or blamed for it. Which is not their fault.

Khloe and her sisters are different cause they’re not working women. They have no boss to answer to other than Kris. They have more freedom than the actresses and singers out there. That’s why I’m not all that sympathetic to them.


1 week ago

can someone explain to me why she is wearing that bizarre underwear under her sweats? thx
Those high waist ones apparently accentuate you waist/hip ratio....

Idk. They seem uncomfy
uhhh, what a great reason to weird underwear. like you're wearing sweatpants bro, why do you need sexy underwear to accentuate your waist/hip ratio under there? fuck off.
She's pathetic and ugly. Next.
lmao this is where i'm at. i feel tons of sympathy for women and the way we feel pressure to look perfect at all times, but i feel absolutely nothing for these assholes since they prey on insecurities and make money off of them. get some real problems


April 8 2021, 07:43:52 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 07:45:49 UTC

That video of her naked in her bathroom to show what her body actually looks like is not the serve that she think it is. What is she trying to prove and who is she trying to prove it to? The people who think she was etched by Dr Miami is going to continue to think that so what’s the point of streaming POV by Ariana while twirling in your bathroom to show your body? She should have just stuck with the text post and kept it pushing. I know body dysmorphia is a bitch but she should know that photo isn’t going anywhere and the more she fights to have it taken down, the more it’s going to spread. And ma’am? videos can be edited too, we know about facetune video. Not that it matters, just thought i’d put that out there
wait- she got naked live on insta just to show what she looked like unfiltered? fucking hell, she needs a therapist so bad
Plus she’s 10000000% wearing body contour makeup for her “abs”
Her abs also 100% are drawn on in that video lol
Yeah, no one was saying she looked bad but that she edits her photos. Which she admits to. I don't get what she's trying to show.
no one was saying she looked bad

I doubt that (not that this behavior is a solution).


2 weeks ago

Their commitment to always being The Victim is impressive. Working out doesn't give you a whole new face. She's a textbook example of how too much money and body dysmorphia are a terrible combination. She's going to keep lying about this until her face slides off into the Pacific.


April 8 2021, 13:46:27 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 13:47:42 UTC

some pathetic millionaire victims they are smdh, idk how anyone has any respect for them
Oh Khloe, this is embarrassing.
i can't imagine being that bothered about what people think about me
While I do believe Khloé has gotten work done to her body... she did spend years working out and living a healthy lifestyle. She has always been referred to as the ugly one. Imagine how that would fuck with you mentally. I hate when people bring up photos of her “old face” why the fuck do you think she got surgery in the first place. I’m all for holding celebrities accountable for taking editing to on social media but it’s unnecessary to post before and afters that are YEARS apart.
This is a white woman who once led Black women around on chains for an event. Maybe she’s the ugly one because she’s racist trash tbh
Yeah that may be true but instead of trying to change and help women in a positive way due to how she was treated, she in turn has turned around and perpetuated the cycle and makes her living off of making other women feel insecure and less than so they buy her tummy teas and her sisters ugly makeup and lingerie. I’m not going to feel that bad for khloe when she’s taken what has been done to her and turned around and done the same to hundreds of thousands of women.
Are you kidding? She had a show called Revenge Body like
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