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Khloé Kardashian Addresses Recent Photo Kontroversy

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Honestly, what is still going over my head here is how "bad" this pic was supposed to be. She looks good, her stomach didn't look not-flat... the skin wasn't as super tight as she wants, I guess? she is in a shadow in the picture, I mean that's already we realise there wasn't perfect lighting. it's just crazy to me that she wrote a STATEMENT about this and how upsetting the pic was for her. this is something for a therapist tbh but ofc she won't ever go lol.
These tissue paper women.. Who are they doing this for?

We've long since discovered that men will fuck anything that has a hole, and if it doesn't have one they will make one, and women are too busy getting these procedures on themselves to muster up any jealousy towards them.

So please tell me, who is this for?
i almost feel bad for her. almost. she leads a very sad life. i'm scared for her daughter more than anything.
Man, that family and lifestyle have really fucked up this woman’s head.
she has become a victim of her and her family's own machine. the kardashians have changed beauty standards for an entire generation and it's kind of insane. khloe has always been the "ugly" one so it's not surprising she's the one mostly affected by this. i hope she gets the help she needs.
not watching the vid but filters for videos exist
Those sites on IG are already posting evidence that the videos are filtered. Area where "body" was taken off? The torso.

I mean Klo, really. Sigh.
You know, I'm a little older and I don't follow celeb stuff all the time anymore, but sometimes I see these "embarrassing" pics that get sent out of celebs and I can sometimes get why they feel that way. It can be humiliating to see something where you don't look your best.

But seriously she looks fine in that 'shocking' picture. Is this where we are now? Where that is considered ugly or fat or somehow unacceptable? I'm fat so I'd kill for that before pic, honestly! I don't even follow the Kardashian crap but jesus if that's considered embarrassing than I don't even know.
Oh shut the fuck up. Like she and rest of her sisters aren’t personally invested in keeping women and young girls insecure about their looks. Like they don’t literally make money off it. Fuck all these racists I have zero sympathy or empathy for them in this context.
She a fucking idiotic piece of shit. Ignore her. The biggest fear of these fucking losers is being absolute nobodies.
It's fucking pathetic that her main concern in life is regarding her appearance. Girl, we know you had fucking surgery/injections/lipo/whatever. You're not fooling anyone. It's really sad that she thinks she's fooling anyone, and even more sad that she feels the need to TRY to fool anyone. Who fucking cares. Get some substance to your life, for god's sake.
She looked perfectly fine and beautiful on the pic that leaked. It may sound dumb and I know it's wrong but when I saw it, I felt better about myself and my body, that it's taken me years to accept and love it the way it is.

It just assured me that social media ain't shit, and influencers who use body "acceptance" filter and modify the fuck out of their pictures, they're not real. This social media era fucking sucks and I feel for the younger generations that are growing up with this bullshit.
She looked fine but anyone with a trained eye can see the lipo stomach. I think that’s the whole point and her anger. The video didn’t help to dispel that. It’s interesting to see Kourtney who is like “yep I have my boobs done, these are my stretch marks idgaf,” and the other four. Was Kim really that big of an influence? I mean even Kanye got lipo because they saw how they bullied Rob...
LMFAO she mentioned the bad lighting too. I can’t.
I do feel bad that people have always been so shitty about all of their looks/bodies, especially Khloe & Kylie. It extra bothers me because I personally thought they were all pretty before having anything done.

But they are shitty people and are a huge part of the problem.
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