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Khloé Kardashian Addresses Recent Photo Kontroversy

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I’d have more sympathy if she doesn’t prey and profit off of other women’s very same insecurities too. I mean diarrhea lollies?
Boo hoo? You don't get to actively contribute & profit from an industry that exploits women's flaws and makes them feel less than, only to turn around and whine about pressure.

I usually feel bad for ugly women but Khloe surely ain't one of them. Just suck it up and deal with the fact that you'll always be the ugly sister, honey, and no amount of ps and woe is me posts is going to change that. Because way worse than your hideous face is that disgusting personality of yours.

I've fucking had it with this toxic family, officially.
Are there people with these kind of body and image issues that don't pass that thinking on to their kids?
Or is it all focused only on themselves?
I wonder if their therapists are ever like, "ok sis, this week we need to talk about your recent reactionary subtweets..."
SO embarrassing and honestly makes me sad how all these Kardashian-Jenner women care about is how they look. They could be doing great things with their money and power but instead will profit off their own insecurities and other's. Sad.
Please just admit you have body dismorphia, go to therapy, and separate yourself the toxic kardashian beauty standards. I feel so bad for all their little girls.
I thought she was denying it was even her but she was just THAT ashamed. That's really sad. Beyonce's were way worse lol
I felt for her whenever she was dubbed the "ugly Kardashian" and people would call her things like Shrek. I never thought that she was ever physically ugly. Her personality and racism are ugly though. When they get procedures done and chalk it up to squats and diet teas, it's so harmful to their fans, but they'll never put aside their egos and acknowledge that.
I think I would feel more sympathy for her if this didn’t become some storyline on their show. They look at everything as an opportunity to profit off of. The fact that the family tried to bully everyone into removing it instead of addressing it first just shows that this was likely more to protect this perfect fake image that they need to sell than her insecurities. They have no self awareness, especially Khloe who cries about people talking about her ever changing face yet doesn’t understand nor really care how selling diet pills, waist trainers and revenge bodies can damage the psyche of their young fans.

And yeah there were some pretty mean spirited things said about her but it seemed to be coming as much from inside the house as it did from outside.
She’s vile and her wealth will comfort her. I don’t like the attention so I don’t post to social media, it’s easy. She eats up any and all attention, being the pathetic mean insecure sister is her brand
When you turn your life into a black mirror episode.
So.... blablah LIES LIES yaddi yadda... Sure Jan. Image Kontrol freaK
It’s until now I’ve realized that this is one kardashisn/Jenner kryptonite: An unapproved, unfiltered, non-photoshopped picture out in the public.

I just remembered Kim had a similar-ish freak out over some beach pics that got released a few years ago where you could see all the cellulite and imperfections on her butt and thigh. She usually has it smoothed out before posting anything.

I’m starting to think irrelevancy and unapproved photos are considered fates worst than death to them.
Besides the fact they sell fake body image...your job is a “reality” show and selling your “real life” as a brand so people are right to call out whats fake. You don’t get to choose and edit your photos when your saying it’s the real you?! Your not a actress who keeps their life private you literally pretend Instagram is your life so I don’t feel bad when people discover and share it’s not true.
I'm all for changing what you don't like about yourself, but tbh there needs to be more introspection before permanently changing your face. Like the things that are quirky about you make you interesting. Especially when you don't have the personality to back it up like Khloe.
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