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Khloé Kardashian Addresses Recent Photo Kontroversy

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We're all agreeing that she's done some editing or sprayed on her 'abs' in the first instagram picture, right?

Body dysmophia is sad, but she's literally profiting off selling sliming products etc to the people she influences while editing (both digitally and medically) her body heavily to look a certain way.
But she says it’s live soooooo clearly it’s all real and in no way manipulated.

I just rolled my eyes so hard typing that.
That is a lipo stomach if ever there was one
imagine if child porn was removed from the internet as quickly as that fucking bikini photo

i hate this familyyyyyyyyyyyyy i hate this familyyy they all fucken suck
when she talks about unbearable standards that the public has set on her... I knew she would find a way to make herself seem like a victim over an unfiltered picture. she's embarrassing and lacks so much self-awareness like the rest of her family.
I blocked this family on Instagram they were showing up in my explore and these over filtered, racists, bullies was making my blood boil especially Khloe it’s just so fake and I do not get who is a fan.
I guess it always comes back to the mother. Kris commodified her children's bodies to oblivion to make a buck. Now none of them have common sense or know which way is which.
The only value they find in themselves is their appearance. That really is their main problem
Caitlyn was instrumental in that as well. I remember seeing a clip of her talking to Khloe about her body and it was gross.
I feel extremely bad for her but at the same time she is perpetuating the myth. I think she's currently too ill to do anything but try to achieve that perfection she talks about.

Not here for her shaming of people who lose weight or change their body through surgery. Getting lipo or butt implants doesn't make you less than a person who calorie restricts or does a ton of glute workouts. She has very obviously had work done and I wish she'd own it instead of putting down people who have.
I don’t feel the least bit bad for her or any of her sisters who have made millions by being the worst.

And look at how many of you are falling for the idea that they didn’t leak this shit them damn selves cause the whole damn family are always pulling dumb shit to stay in the limelight.

Fuck this racist ass, monetizing misogyny family.


April 8 2021, 15:03:35 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 15:13:39 UTC

These women are so toxic. I dont feel bad for them or their issues bc they’ve inflicted so much bullshit wrt normalizing plastic surgery and injections, and lying about it too. They’ve done so much damage to women. And they’re racist trash. Yawn


April 8 2021, 15:07:04 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 15:08:03 UTC

honestly i feel bad for her. Im not defending the fucked up things she does, but 90% of the hate that she has gotten is because of being the “ugly sister” very few people actually care that about the racists shits and tummy teas and what not they just want an excuse to call a woman ugly. Obviously im talking about the general public and not ontd in general
What's really sad is she completely ignored all the people who said she looked better in the picture than with all the makeup/facetuning she does. She looks fine but doesn't even see it anymore, even when people tell her. How do you get that far?
lmao what is this even
she's crying about "pressure" but isn't her entire family the perpetrator of this pressure? "lemme talk about pressure while flaunting my body" I'm looking for some sense but can't find ANY
this family is a joke
Am I supposed to feel sorry for her or something?

If anything she made me feel the opposite.
lmao she really said she's gonna continue using filters

i just hope her poor granny wasn't put through the ringer for posting a cute pic of her grandchild
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