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Khloé Kardashian Addresses Recent Photo Kontroversy

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April 8 2021, 11:53:52 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 11:54:15 UTC

I can relate to her with her body image issues, but at the same time, this is incredibly hollow coming from her.

She's still acting like she got her body 100% from eating healthy/working out, which we all know isn't the case. So then women look at her and are like 'I'm going to the gym x amount of times a week, so why isn't my stomach that flat or my butt that big yet?', and I feel like she knows that but doesn't care. That and the constant shilling of waist trainers, detox teas and god knows what else...its hard to truly feel sorry for her.
Part of me wants to feel bad that they've had their minds and body images so warped by society's misogyny and all that, but also they actively promote and benefit from all those terrible ideas, and they really don't seem to care who it hurts. They're all just terrible.
Did she make a statement this long when that photo came out of her leading around black women in chains or no?
I have to laugh
When it comes to stuff like this: it is a damm CHALLENGE because the women in this family are the picture-perfect display of how women are both succumb to and perpetrate these Hellish body issues.

I was a really large kid. I got stomach cancer in 8th grade and lost 60 or so pounds while I hid the fact I couldn’t keep food down. My mom had to take me to get a physical for cheerleading and when she mentioned how much weight I was losing, they sent me the children’s hospital to get x-rays and whatnot and I was admitted into hospital within 72 hours.

The first card I received? The mom of one of my best friends and one of my crushes saying: “It’s so sad you have to got through this but at least you lost weight. You look so great! Feel better.”

And I’ve been bulimic ever since.
im so sorry that some monster felt the absolute need to project their insecurities on you when you were a literal child, & especially in a frightening & difficult time
Reading the comments I do understand that people don't wanna feel mercy for her with the appearance comments she gets because she's racist trash. And I truly get that.

But if nothing else, at least we can acknowledge that opening the door for one women to be called "the ugly one in her family", or any other kind of comment like this, because she deserves it, really does nothing more than opening that door for all women.

There are truly a million things to criticize her for without resorting to calling her ugly. Especially if we then complain when people do it to other women.
To me at least it's their behavior that makes them ugly and that's why Khloe as well as the rest of her family will always be very ugly and pathetic lol
when you commoditize your body/looks, you better be prepared for people to scrutinize it 🤷
Who fucking cares lmfao
Someone in the last post asked what the difference between this and the Rami situation and honestly I think it’s the “why” here. Why does she want that photo removed? Because it doesn’t fit the unrealistic and unhealthy body expectation she and her sisters set. This is why I have a hard time feeling sympathy for her. Khloe YOU are the one that set this unattainable standard that even you can’t attain so now you feel shame for not fitting into that category? I’m just so sick of these ugly build a bodies and the harm it’s doing to women both physically and mentally. How many women have harmed their health by trying to get sketchy surgery to attain this look? How many women cry every night cause they’ll never look like a disfigured ant? Enough is enoughhhh

the build a body trend is legit scary. The stories about botched surgeries and such.
There are a lot of dead women who died at the hands of plastic surgeons AND randos they met up with in garages/motels (obviously you should always go to a legit surgeon because you’re basically guaranteed to die if you’re going to someone with zero medical training who is performing the procedures in their dirty garage or a motel)
I think the Rami point was towards the comments of that post vs the actual situation. People were really projecting their own issues in that post and then saying people shouldn’t post anyones photos without consent. So if thats the case, it does make them hypocritical to make fun of Khloe for getting upset that strangers are posting her pics that she doesn’t want out there. At least Rachel was posting a photo she was in. It was whataboutism based on who the victim was

I’m with you though, Idgaf about this racist and her trash family, plus all the damage they’ve done to beauty expectations. My sympathy for white women is limited at this point, it’s not like they care about us so I don’t exert the energy.
It's seriously warping our perception of what a woman's body actually looks like. Like, it's not enough to have a nice ass, you have to have a ridiculous ass/hip ratio and be built like a tooth.

All the plastic surgery in the world isn’t gonna fix her ugly soul.
imagine wanting to look like a kardashian/jenner when they don't even want to look like themselves.
her body looks fine in the "bad" photo???? this woman is delusional
I do feel bad, she was the "ugly sister" and people were brutal to her. No wonder why she went into a tailspin over a picture that wasn't even that unflattering. No wonder she's obsessed with plastic surgery, heavy makeup, and filters. I would be shocked if she doesn't have body dysmorphia.
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