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Khloé Kardashian Addresses Recent Photo Kontroversy

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so you're complaining about having to live up to unfair beauty standards... that you and your family have helped to promote and popularize

ok got it

I have sympathy for how she may feel re: her self-image, but you don't get to put out a statement like this unless you're going to make an active change to stop shilling for diet pills and all the other toxic harmful shit she and her sisters have promoted that have created a special hell for women to feel inferior in
I'd have sympathy hadn't she sold evil and unsafe diet teas to vulnerable women. Fuck off.
In the midst of an ongoing pandemic when millions of people have either died, lost their jobs, loved ones, have zero economic security... this family of assholes continues to show why they don't deserve their platform.
this so fucking weird, she needs help but even while incredibly insecure her ego is too big..
im projecting lmao, but the clips in and of themselves are kind of triggering. theres just ... such a disconnect between those vs. the message shes attempting to convey imho. theres some points there, but they are diminished in light of a legacy where she has perpetuated such impossible standards. what a mess!
Bitch shut the fuck up. I got bullied for how I looked my whole life too but I don't get to go home with a fucking check every day because of the money I made profiting off of women who are suffering the same way I do. She made her own insecurities a selling point for garbage products and gets more money than I'll ever see in my lifetime so sorry I don't give a fuck Khloe lmao
Khloé Kardashian Addresses Recent Photo Kontroversy followed by a (near) naked selfie, isn't that how they address everything?
How tone deaf

They’ll never understand
What exactly does ontd want from her? She posted something? Why don’t we ban Kardashian’s posts like they did with spencer and Heidi, or would banning Kardashian’s make ontd Boring?
girl what?
It’s not that hard to understand, I said what exactly does ontd want her to do? If she didn’t address the issue ontd will complain, she did and it’s not ok with anyone.


2 weeks ago

to be a Kardashian stan in 2021


2 weeks ago

you love defending racists lol


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

People want her to take accountability for the role she plays in perpetuating harm. She talks about how the media made her feel but doesn't take the time to consider how her (highly) edited pics and sponsorships for bullshit detoxes affect other people.

She is not being honest with herself or with anyone else.
Girl, this is reaching. I don't think a single one of us would've cared if she hadn't addressed the photo. It would've faded into oblivion, like this family needs to. Stop defending racist, pathetic, vapid morons.
It's pretty clear that people here are calling her out for her hypocrisy..
my god shut up. im never hwre for bashing her looks, and i feel sad that she lives a life where her nana cant take a photo of her without a lighting team, but your family helped swt up and perpetuate these standards you speak of, khloe.

The body makeup and possible body filter used for this video...girl. Grainy ass lo res video proves nothing. Nobody said you werent fit or didnt have a flat stomach. It was mostly about the smoothing and retouching to the point where the fibal image looks nothing like you and isnt humanly possible. You proved nothing. You did confirm your life is pathetic tho.

The problem is there's an incredibly thin line between body shaming and the entirely legitimate criticism about the beauty standards the Kardashians very actively monetize and project back to their fans. Her photo editing habits long ago stopped being just a personal choice about her own body image, they have much wider consequences because of how the family choose to make their living, and the way they schill product as if their own images aren't very expensively maintained (which includes trainers etc as much as cosmetic procedures, Khloe can have worked hard in the gym and still be selling a misleading overall picture).

She's at once both a victim of body shaming and an active sales person for the standards that drive body shaming, and it's hard to talk about the latter without getting close to the former. Especially since from her end they probably both emotionally land the same and all feels like the same pile on. I don't know what the answer is, but in general I don't think any Kardashian can be let off the hook for photo editing given the amount of money they make from selling their image and plugging products that claim to be quick fixes to achieve the same.

TL;DR as much as they do get body shamed, I don't think that can be used to dodge the criticism. You can't claim "it's nobody else's business" when you made it an actual consumer business
all this proves is that being a kardashian isnt worth the money
sometimes i'm surprised that they're all not off their faces on drugs constantly to cope with how wretched they must feel on the inside.
Eating disorders are classified as an addiction in the DSM. Plastic surgery can turn into an addiction (which clearly at least SOME of them have). Etc.

They may not be addicted to drugs, but they have other devils dancing in their minds. It's all pretty sad, although I am hard-pressed to have any sympathy for this family.
This family is vile. Wish people didn’t care about them so much.

God she’s so boring lmao

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