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Khloé Kardashian Addresses Recent Photo Kontroversy

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I usually manage to feel some sort of sympathy for people when they’re faced with a situation like this.. but not this time. Not this person and not this family. She’s trash and honestly, she deserves it. Remember when she posted a photo of a teen (!) exposed at the beach?? Was that girl not a human being?
i don't like how society as a whole always has an immediate reaction to weaponize womens looks against them. whether it's calling them fat, a slut, a bimbo. whatever it is, it's harmful and gross. but khloe et all know all this and still they seek out fame instead of getting help to address their obvious body dysmoprhia. and this victim act is extremely disingenious when you factor in they have made a large profit on exploiting those insecurities AND bullying other women, especially women of color. they cosplay as black women and they've spent a considerable amount of money augmenting themselves digitally and physically, which khloe also deigns to leave out. so yeah, khlomoney, my sympathy for you is extremely limited.
If she weren't so vapid and intent on transmitting her own issues into the heads of impressionable girls and young women everywhere she could've used this as an opportunity to foster conversation about the negative impact of media on body image, and how it's damaged her self-esteem over the years. It would be a genuinely helpful thing for her fans (god help them) and smart marketing which would make her seem more relatable. I guess it would damage and directly contradict The Brand she and her family are forever trying to cultivate though.

I have a crumb of sympathy for her as I was also raised in a family that places a huge emphasis on looking "perfect" and then developed an ED and BDD after being bullied but, as a result, I try to make everyone around me feel good about the way they naturally look. So fuck her tbh.
i'm sorry if you were one of the people in this thread but in one of the past posts about her a bunch of us were commenting on how we could relate to her bc we were all the much taller and muscular friend and originally seeing her in the public made us feel seen. she could've capitalized on that and done some real good and instead chose to be racist, bully a teenager, lie about her image, and sell a bunch of poison and bulimia to teenagers. she's just like those influencers who spend their time bullying fat people bc they used to be fat themselves, except even worse in her case so much of what she looks like doesnt even exist.
Right. People need to stop acting like calling a thing a thing is sooooo mean. The reality is Khloe was not as attractive as Kim and Kourtney and that’s fine. She should have worked on cultivating a personality, charm, etc - the world is full of unattractive and ugly women who lead full unbothered lives, because they aren’t concerned about how other people see them. Or better yet people are drawn to them because of that. But she just wanted to be called hot so bad, that’s all she cared about it. Hell, I’m both taller and fatter than both my sisters and people pointing that out doesn’t bother me - it’s reality. Hasn’t stopped me from living my best life.
That video of her just in sweats randomly pulling her shirt up and her pants down, preening in front of a mirror and her sister, fiddling with her underwear.....just what the fuck am I watching? Do normal humans act like this?
they definitely are not normal human beings. they are not living in the real world
I know! Why would someone post that online for the public to see? How can she be embarrassed by some random photo but not by posting humiliating body check videos? I had to stop the video because my secondhand embarrasement was so bad I felt nauseous.
She's doing the absolute MOST over a pic that wasn't even that bad.
She looked regular, but not bad.

If anything this has just brought way more attention to the matter than had she just left it alone.

Of all the times they were busted for their excessive use of filters and photoshopping, I really don't get why this picture had her that triggered.
I just cannot summon an ounce of sympathy for anyone in this garbage family.
OH MY GOD they are so insecure
every single thing you own is owed to reinforcing these impossible ideals, so go fuck yourself.


April 8 2021, 09:20:57 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 09:22:21 UTC

Lol omg I was today years old when I found out that the Kendall and Kylie have a different dad. I must’ve knew this at some point because I of course know who their dad is and who know Kim’s dad is but they are literally a family that I have to wiki every couple of years because I forget who is who. Guess I don’t keep up with the Kardashians
Kendall and Kylie have the same father. Did you mean Kendall and Khloe?
Ah no I meant that I didn't know Kendall and Kylie have a different dad to Khloe and the rest. But yeah I had to think about your question for a second, their names are too damn similar lmao
How do I know this isn't a deep fake?
Her already augmented face on someone else's body?
I dont believe this phony or her family. Like how I don't believe some rando uploaded that 'unfiltered' pic. Kris released it because Khlo$ needed the attention.

Bringing me back to Aubrey O'Day and wondering if she's still overweight and heavily using filters/camera angles.
I have no words.

this is just sad
I really hope she has a good therapist.
Clearly she doesn't...
I feel like she’s angry that she has spent so much effort, time and money to attain this crazy body and mess with her face to prove wrong the people who called her OG face & body ugly, and it’s still not enough.
I do sympathise with her to a certain extent because if you have self esteem issues or BDD then being in the public eye is probably the worst and helps affirm your cruelest thoughts about yourself.
But then she also courts the fame and makes a shirt on of money off it so my sympathy has limits tbh.


April 8 2021, 09:42:41 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 09:51:27 UTC

Tangentially related, but I kind of want to buy a treadmill, but workout gear is probably the most abandoned and ignored of all electronics lol and I don't know how often I'd end up using it in reality.
I feel like an elliptical is less high impact but can be more efficient
ellipticals are easier on my knees. Cblue Thee Stallion I am not
My mum used to have an elliptical that I used to use but they ended up selling it and I couldn't take it cos it wouldn't fit in my flat. I loved it so much.
Get a used Nordic Track ski machine for like $150 on eBay!! They kick your ass into shape, no electricity required.
I'm in the same boat, I wanna get an indoor bike. My plan is to put it in the living room so that I can still watch my shows and not feel like a complete couch potato lol
With that in mind, look for a second hand one. That's where I got my treadmill. So if you don't use it you won't have the guilt of wasting thousands on it.
I got an elliptical for 30 bucks off of FB marketplace!
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