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Khloé Kardashian Addresses Recent Photo Kontroversy

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i can't imagine the energy that she expends on hating her body and the labor that goes into trying to "fix" it. she's a shitty person but i feel sorry for her.
Idk how she can post something like this an not acknowledge the huge amount of pressure put on women/young girls because of images she posts.

She lies about plastic surgery and putting it down to "loving a filter" really doesn't cover it.

Khloe should have just posted the leaked "unflattering" photo on her IG and used it as a statement. There was nothing wrong with the photo at all.

Do better, Khloe.
Mte. She acts like she isn’t also part of the problem of perpetuating these insecurities in women. She’s sculpted herself an entirely new face and body and pretends that she did it all by “hard work.” Last I checked, your hips don’t widen and your ass doesn’t fatten just by diet and exercise, nor does your nose slim and your lips just magically plump.
yeah, this feels like she's trying to have things both ways.


April 8 2021, 08:05:53 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 08:08:19 UTC

Man I miss the days when people didnt take the Internet too seriously

These performances are grating

She's acting like she's not the establishment. Quit IG if you want to really make a statement, Khloe
Maybe her year of realisation is close. 2030 is going to be a good year.
She is living in an alternate reality. We’re in a pandemic and she’s posted an essay about a normal photo and contradicted herself by blaming it on the culture that she and her entire family are reinforcing and profiting from??
The sensible reaction to being that bothered by seeing a completely normal photo of yourself would be to self-reflect on the why you feel that way and how you and your family have directly contributed to the culture which reinforces that kind of self-hatred and perhaps apologise for it, but they're all incapable of self-reflection.
That would require an iota of self-awareness which none of them have
All of this over ONE photo? I wish this family would just go to therapy mostly for the sake of the children who are going to inherit all of these insecurities.
cue the incoming ad next week for her dietahorrea shakes or lollipops
One pic and years of name calling etc. They should have been taking therapy the moment one of them was talking about family members having bdd
She's received a lot of nasty comments for her looks and that's not okay, and I understand how it made her really insecure and lead to her doing all those changes and it's honestly sad that it messed up her self-esteem so bad.

But here's the thing. She's asking us to feel bad for her, when she's using that very same insecurity that other people also have to exploit them and profit off of, and that is super gross. She ought to know better than many how crippling it can feel to be ashamed of yourself and your own body, taking advantage of that the way the Kardashians/Jenners do is awful.
It would have made a bigger impact if she just posted the image on her own social media and reclaimed it. To make this big statement without actually acknowledging the pressure women have to appear at all times's empty.

I have a tiny tiny crumb of sympathy as she is right about there being a history of others trolling her about her looks and comparing her to her sisters, BUT she has been profiting long enough from the same industries that legitimise these insecurities that she cannot be blind to her own involvement. Including her own comments about other young women and their bodies.
Great. And now Jameela Jamil can give her a big hug and everyone can feel sorry for how hard her life is.
I heard they (Kris??) have been threatening Reddit and the unedited pic can't be posted there anymore.
Just empty people.
god i am so fucking sick of these people and how desperate they are to be discussed, just shut the fuck up. shut up. SHUT UP.

title or description
now I wanna watch that scene again lol
girl this is pathetic, quit monetizing and marketing your issues to everyone else then.
pretty sad how insecure she has to be to make this kind of post
Is it me or is her body contoured?

I mean, I get how she is scrutinized but replying to all this just adds fuel to the fire.
she's had lipo for sure, which i think is what gives it that contoured look on the stomach
Those abs are drawn on for sure
Her torso looks exactly the same as Kim and Kourtney’s. They’ve all had body sculpting done.
she/her family use filters on their videos
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