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Jimmy Fallon Plays Among Us with Noah Schnapp, Gaten Matarazzo, Valkyrae, Corpse Husband & More

Jimmy Fallon plays Among Us with The Roots, Noah Schnapp, Gaten Matarazzo and streamers Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Victoria Tran and Corpse Husband.

Among Us recently added a new map: The Airship.

ONTD, are you still sus and playing Among Us?

Jimmy with any segment:

Tags: actor / actress, black celebrities, computer / video games, internet celebrities, jimmy fallon, late night talk show, stranger things (netflix)

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Can we have an ONTD gaming Discord or something if there isn't one already so we don't have to play with the kids?
There was a ONTD discord before but idk what happened to it
the ONTD discord sometimes plays Among Us I think
This was painful to watch live. I’m glad they raised that money though.
Also, I just learned that Scooter Braun is a co-owner of 100 thieves.
I just learned that yesterday. And Drake.

Tbh I only watch their videos if Valkyrae is in it but I didn't know the company was worth so much and honestly didn't even know what they did exactly aside from merch and challenge videos.
I never really play because my online play friend group kind of fell apart recently and we were mostly only 6 players and with one person the game crashed their computer all the time. I would love to get into it but I have a Mac (just like Lil Nas X when he played with Corpse and Corpse had to give him tech support lmao) and playing on my phone is kinda annoying. We played some betrayal.io and I hated being the imposter. I'm much better as a crew detective.

I do watch a lot of Among Us content though. Mostly this group (Rae, Corpse, Sykkuno, Toast in various combinations with others) and sometimes the morning lobbies when 5Up and Tina are playing. I really love their friendships. It made me kinda sad that Toast was seemingly upset about not being invited but I'm glad Rae talked to him about it.

This was pretty much as cringe as I expected it to be. Especially with the open mics and the newbies. Couldn't really get through the whole thing.
Toast was upset about not being invited to Jimmy’s stream? I felt like some of the roots didn’t wanna play so he probably could have been invited :/
Yeah here’s a video:

He said Rae told him if she had any pull she’d have chosen him but it was probably out of all their hands.

Of course he says this in his typical pragmatic, cynical Toast fashion but I do understand being hurt. He’s a big part on why Among Us got so popular and always helping out with technical difficulties in lobbies/streams for his fans.
ooo girl he was upset? give us the deets! I only watch Corpse's livestreams so I don't really keep up with anything to do with them outside of that lol


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

I love Tina, she's so freaking cute. Lol I love the video where she just pulls out that "You're a fucking liar" in her adorable little voice and everyone flips out.


2 weeks ago

It’s just interesting to see how Fall Guys fall in popularity so fast and a big contributing factor was because of Among Us was the new it game. But even Among Us isn’t as huge as it was. Both games still definitely do well for sure, just I find it interesting how the hype around them simmered.
I’m not watching the video because i refuse to listen to Jimmy’s fake laugh. I play Among Us still with this discord group and it is so fun when you actually have a fun group of adults to play with. I did play with my nieces and nephews before and they were cute but insufferable.

I wanna like corpse and sykkuno because they don’t seem like bad people but something just...turns me off. Corpse DID do a fun gameplay with Jae from Day6 and Mark from Got7 though so that was cute.
some of my favorite lobbies to watch have jae in them. i only found out about him through the otv rust server and then i found what a great musician he is!
Jae can be a little much but his streams were funny. But Day6 is SUPER talented and paid dust so please check them out if you like them.

Right now Jae stopped streaming because of some drama but I think Day6 are having a comeback soon so that’s also why.
have I played... yes.
have I played since they added the new map... no.

I'm glad it's available for the switch. much easier than my phone, but harder to do wires. Yes, I'm a controller player.
I played a few times but I always got killed first so never again!
i stopped watching Among Us videos weeks ago, i am burnt out


April 8 2021, 12:35:25 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 12:38:09 UTC

https://youtu.be/zPPvS--4_4A?t=623    I wish this would embed but it’s funny I promise! It’s all I can think about when Fallon and any stranger kid thing is mentioned 
Idk how ppl watch rae, she is TOO much for me.
I’ve watched their streams for a lil bit and it’s fun but for a while I got bored because all they played was among us.
She can be too much for me too, but I’ve gotten more used to her through watching Sykkuno ngl.

I don’t mind Among Us but I never got the appeal of Valorant. That’s why I watch Sykkuno more because he’s also tired of it. Also thanks to him I’ve been sucked into the No Pixel GTA RP server content
Lol aw I love Rae. I didn't watch her at first, but I saw her through others' streams and loved her personality and sought her out. I can see that she could be a lot for other people but it seems genuine to me so I don't mind it.
Honestly I usually find Jimmy absolutely insufferable, but actually didn’t think he was too bad this time. The cringe came from the fact that his team didn’t prepare enough — people should’ve muted when they died and not been able to give away who killed them. Sykkuno said that Gaten was super nice to him in the call beforehand so I thought that was cool lol.

I must admit that I am currently addicted to Twitch/watching streamers and I’m a 31 y/o adult with two jobs. #sad I literally barely watch regular TV/Netflix etc. anymore. Instead it’s tons of the NoPixel GTA RP. I blame Hasanabi since I only found twitch through watching his political streams, smh
I have fallen down the NoPixel rabbit hole too. God have mercy on our souls.
I'm glad Rae is getting so successful and breaking into such a male-dominated area.

I feel like it's nagl that Jimmy didn't invite Disguised Toast, considering Toast basically started the Among Us popularity craze and is partially responsible for Rae/Sykkuno/Corpse's popularity. He's also very much associated with them so it's like inviting three members of a group and ignoring the third. Idk, it just seemed like they didn't invite him because girls don't simp for him the way they do for Sykkuno and Corpse. If anything, I think it should have been Rae/Sykkuno/Toast.
Lol how embarrassing that I have such strong thoughts about Among Us gaming youtubers.
Well I agree with your thoughts!
I wanna check out this game lol, you can play strangers online I guess?
the universal use of “sus” is interesting to me. of course it always meant “suspicious” or “suspect” but most of the time but not always, i associated it with homophobic men
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