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Jimmy Fallon Plays Among Us with Noah Schnapp, Gaten Matarazzo, Valkyrae, Corpse Husband & More

Jimmy Fallon plays Among Us with The Roots, Noah Schnapp, Gaten Matarazzo and streamers Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Victoria Tran and Corpse Husband.

Among Us recently added a new map: The Airship.

ONTD, are you still sus and playing Among Us?

Jimmy with any segment:

Tags: actor / actress, black celebrities, computer / video games, internet celebrities, jimmy fallon, late night talk show, stranger things (netflix)

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never played it, i randomly discovered among us (and twitch) i think because of 5up somehow last summer. but now i don’t like any of the regular 2 (toast and 5up) lobbies. it’s only fun to watch with mods and when they switch out half the lobbies with fill ins. it’s chaotic fun then.
I kind of hate the modded lobbies tbh? I can't keep track of all the different roles.

I still like the 5up/morning lobbies but I've definitely soured on a couple of the personalities over time. Some of the European lobbies are good but, again, depends who's playing. I never got into the Toast/Rae/Sykkuno/Corpse lobbies.
same about the morning lobby, i only like about 3 or 4 of them now when i think i started out liking 8-9 of them. i do still enjoy the ones you mentioned above, especially 5up and dumbdog.

i don’t mind the toast lobbies when it’s not all 4 of them at once. 2 at a time with those 4 is about all i can handle.
Jimmy just admit you're old and move on


April 8 2021, 04:07:28 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 04:07:50 UTC

I still haven't played the new map!

Hopefully soon though

When Corpse became famous it made me think I could I could become famous without showing my face but then I remembered I sound too 🌈 .

I say do it. There are straight white women who are looking to refill that gay best friend role that James Charles used to fill. Use that shit to your advantage! Capture his fans and get that money!!
this is so cringe. i'm embarrassed to even know who these yt ppl are, let alone have them on legit late night tv shows that my parents could stumble across lol.
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I used to be super into listening to creepy stories on YT so I was subscribed to Corpse Husband. Then I stopped for a long time and recently resumed listening to random stories again only to learn he has become this overnight celebrity. I was VERY confused and still am, frankly.
I find corpsehusband so cringe. I watched an interview out of curiosity and oh my god he seems insufferable
i do not get the appeal AT ALL lol
the 13 year olds are gonna be so devastated when he reveals his face and he's not hot
My 2nd and 3rd graders are obsessed with among us.. so yeah, I'm not playing that
I still play among us with my friends and we usually just mess around in our lobby and have fun, not really taking it seriously lol. I just hung with one of my friends who was crew in one round and killed right in front of her and we continued on our way lmao. I still haven't played the new map tho, we've all been busy and the time zone diff has meant it's harder to coordinate and we don't want to do public lobby ;-;
So I only learned about Among Us at the very end of 2020, but I still play it and enjoy it quite a bit!

I also really like watching the morning lobby.
My friend and I stopped playing when it was mostly annoying tweens who would all quit at the beginning of every match or they would be like "LOL I'm the Imposter everyone" after the first person killed.


April 8 2021, 08:11:34 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 08:13:39 UTC

His nick name is corpse husband?
I never get into online video games if there are lot of tweens play them, simply because they suck at playing and are annoying af. But then again, i'm getting old so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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