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ONTD Original: Why Katy Perry's Witness is the Perfect Album for the Pandemic

katy perry witness.jpg

Are you wondering what the perfect album for the pandemic is? You probably are, since it's the title of this post.

Wonder no more: it is Witness, by Katy Perry.

A track-by-track analysis:


"Witness" is all about wondering whether someone will be there for you to see you and understand your pain. That is what we all were desperate for, even to this day. Choice lyrics:

We're all just looking for connection

I'm looking for someone...someone to ride this ride with me

Can I get a witness?
Will you be my witness?

My dissertationCollapse )

Is Witness the best album for the pandemi lovato?


If not, which Katy album is best for the pandemic?

Katy Hudson
One Of The Boys
Teenage Dream

Shoutout to the two or three other people who like this album.

What is YOUR choice for the best album for the pandemic?

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I’ve always really liked Witness and I love this post, OP!
this album is THAT girl, haters have no taste whatsoever

the way chained to the rhythm, bone appletea and pendulum will forever BOP, the other gorls could NEVER
Wide Awake would have been perfect on Witness, imo. Harleys in Hawaii, 365, and Daisies (Pride remix) were underrated bops.
Wide Awake being a good fit for Witness is just a testament to how dated that album was, even in 2017
I've tried listening to this album a few times and can never get through it. imo Katy's at her best when she's producing generic pop fluff tracks with dr.luke, but I appreciate the effort you put into this post to convince me otherwise, OP.
i remember going to her witness tour (for free) and the segment during swish swish with the basketball game with the audience members TOOK SO FUCKING LONG...and the audience was honestly not feeling it.


April 8 2021, 10:12:22 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 10:14:39 UTC

I'm biased as a fan, but I really love the album. Just needed to tighten up the tracklist a bit and get rid of a few songs. Witness, Roulette, Power, Tsunami and Dance with the Devil are my favourites.
Dance With The Devil is sooooo good!
OP you killed it as always! This is an underrated album and her most cohesive!!! Love Deja Vu and played it during lockdown last year a lot!


April 8 2021, 11:24:13 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 11:25:07 UTC

Eh the type of music for this album is done by better artists. I’d rather just listen to them. But if people don’t branch out with their music I guess I see the appeal
My #1 quarantine album was Fetch The Bolt Cutters
It's so good
You’ve inspired me, op bb!
I’m listening now.

periodT. Also, two bars? Are you underground sis?
Worse. I'm in florida


5 days ago


5 days ago

please. you're one to talk about being problematic.
Bless this post.
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