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ONTD Original: Why Katy Perry's Witness is the Perfect Album for the Pandemic

katy perry witness.jpg

Are you wondering what the perfect album for the pandemic is? You probably are, since it's the title of this post.

Wonder no more: it is Witness, by Katy Perry.

A track-by-track analysis:


"Witness" is all about wondering whether someone will be there for you to see you and understand your pain. That is what we all were desperate for, even to this day. Choice lyrics:

We're all just looking for connection

I'm looking for someone...someone to ride this ride with me

Can I get a witness?
Will you be my witness?

My dissertationCollapse )

Is Witness the best album for the pandemi lovato?


If not, which Katy album is best for the pandemic?

Katy Hudson
One Of The Boys
Teenage Dream

Shoutout to the two or three other people who like this album.

What is YOUR choice for the best album for the pandemic?

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Déjà Vu puts me in a mood, love that shit.
Chained To The Rhythm was the worst choice for a lead single, it should've been Roulette with a retro 80's music video, also that cover was bad, the urban Outfitters one should've been the official one, and her hair wasn't that bad? I mean sure she needed like an extra inch of length and maybe a different shade of blonde but it was cute, and kinda foreshadowing to the pandemic since everyone was cutting and bleaching their hair last year wow.

yeah CTTR was kind of too conceptual for a lead single.

But I still insist that issa bop!
counter point - keep chained to the rhythm as the lead single/intro to the album that launches to moderate success before the surprise SMASH of "Roulette" with a vaporwave future retro video.... that would have been a strong 1-2 punch tbh.
Nah, maybe Witness could've been the lead single, I never liked CTTR.

This is a fantastic review and pandemilovato is probably my favorite one so far

I've never seen that video for "Bon Appétit" before, and what the actual fuck?
Statement is, woman being objectified. Reclaims her power, and is the one ultimately in control of herself. Not the best video concept executed, but I get what she was trying to do with self-empowerment.
it's a great concept but the basketball and all the vine stars? no.


2 days ago


2 days ago


2 days ago

Ok, Pendulum is a bop. BRB adding it to my playlist.
did she date john mayer? did i make that up? i feel like they dated but maybe i'm short circuiting
ur thinking of jessica simpson
i may be wrong but i was certainly not thinking of jessica simpson!!


3 days ago


3 days ago

She did. Allegedly~ Taylor and Katy were fighting over John Mayer and not dancers because they both dated him — at least that was one spin about their feud.


3 days ago


3 days ago

She did. Most of Witness is about him.


3 days ago

yeah they did that 'who you love' song together. his 'the search for everything' album is about her.
My favorite katy album jfc justice 4 roulette and witness being the first single would have done wonders
YESSS. she was right on the cusp of that 90s house throwback sound going mainstream, after Kiesza, Jess Glynn, etc.
Witness (and really, Katy Perry in general) just does not do it for me, but I like this song with Katy Perry's name in the title!

I wasn't a big fan of Witness tbqh (though I probably need to give it another listen), but this thorough analysis has sold me on a relisten, op!

I still can't get over how cringe some of her music videos are, though. There's fun and whimsical and wink wink nudge nudge and then there's whatever Bon Appétit and Birthday are.
idg the witness hate lol i think it's a good album!! and chained to the rhythm is a good song and reminds me of good times in europe dont @ me
it's too ahead of it's time. they wasn't ready for Kathyrn Hudson.
It was her hair that really fucked up this era let's be real.

Regardless, I will stan bon appetit til the day I die
OOPS, I forgot to add Prism in the poll 😳
isnt this her Bionic?
ahead of it's time? yes.
I actually liked a lot of this album and I don't like Katy Perry in general.

My quarantine albums have largely been Future Nostalgia and Chromatica.
Remember when Taylor was upset about Swish Swish and got her friends to jump on Katy about it?
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