Blorpz (blorpz) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Christopher Meloni's Ass Papped in Park Slope on SVU Set

On one hand, I didn't want to share this because SVU is copaganda, but on the other hand, what I'm about to show you couldn't fit in two hands. Christopher Meloni was spotted filming scenes for SVU and his Spherical Vavavoom Units pulled focus in the following pic:

Some on Twitter are suggesting that he is pulling a Tom Cruise in Valkyrie. Only one person in the world is lucky enough to know for sure: Christopher Meloni's wife, who anonymous sources here at Blorpz News have said "probably can't tongue lash that ass gash like I can."

Source: 1

ONTD: What media will you never consume but you're glad there are set pics?
Tags: law and order (nbc), television

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Damn that is quite the butt.
OMG this bird is killing me 🤣😂💀

Deleted comment

Wasn't there an episode where Stabler found out he sent a guy to prison for like 10-15 years for a crime he didn't commit and the real rapist just went on assaulting women undetected and then when they found the real criminal, Wentworth Miller threw him out of a window before they could get a confession and so the innocent guy had to serve out the rest of his sentence and it was super awkward because Stabler had already told him he was going to be released?

Sorry, lol... that comment just vividly brought back that episode to me! I actually agree with you, the show was pretty careful to mostly only have Stabler cross the line when the suspect "deserved it", meaning he was obviously gonna turn out guilty even if there wasn't any evidence in the episode yet. They even brought in a detective who was meant to be like the worse version of Stabler for an episode, to kind of serve as a contrast.
Yes that all happened. If I remember correctly, green carpet fibers is what breaks the case?


3 days ago


3 days ago


3 days ago

Deleted comment


3 days ago

I mean he did ruin someone's life on the show??? Also didn't he get false confessions more than once

So happy to be blessed with on-set pics of him again
I don't even watch this show and I remember that pic.
Ugh I wanna gobble up that ass so bad
the only time when people say a white man got a booty and he actually does
this post should win a pulitzer

its like a rite of passage to watch too much svu in your adolescence and come away with a weird crush on stabler
god I was in MIDDLE SCHOOL and named him as one of my celebrity crushes... he just has that universal appeal to all gays and women.


April 8 2021, 02:53:57 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 02:54:24 UTC

I’ve literally seen the inside of his asshole on oz so the mystique is gone for me tbh
His thirst tweet video is hilarious. He keeps emphasizing the word “ass” and clearly it’s very fitting


I'm in awe. I'm jealous. I'm thirsty.

sophia | Pass The Flamingo: Ancient Food History and Recipes

Somebody's been doing his squats and/or Stairmaster! Damn!

I’m proud to say I have the same birthday him lol
i bet it's due to eating a lot of fun size twixes
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