Like an unmade bed. (likeanunmadebed) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Like an unmade bed.

Butter, y'all: Paula Deen joins MasterChef as one of Season 11's culinary 'legends'

-The season, titled MasterChef: Legends, returns June 2
-The legends will include the cancelled racist Paula Deen, Emeril Lagasse, Roy Choi, Nancy Silverton and Iron Chef staple Morimoto
-Aarón Sánchez and Joe Bastianich will still be judges along with Gordon Ramsay
-Paula Deen was previously on Dancing With the Stars in 2015

Tags: food network / cooking show stars, reality show, television - fox, where are they now

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smh more proof cancel culture isn't real.
also now I want butter lol


April 8 2021, 00:30:56 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 00:31:54 UTC

MasterChef has no problem with racists then.

Oops, sorry - that was meant to be a general comment, not a reply.


3 months ago


3 months ago


3 months ago

i forever associate her with that kristen wiig snl sketch playing her and like, waving a stick of butter around and even brushing her hair with it.
mte & she doesn't deserve such an excellent impression
I always think of the "African American Cooking" parody, from the guy who made the Jiz videos.
same. also...let me give those jiz videos another watch lmao shit killlls me
Oh jelly roll

Deleted comment

lol i associate her with an ONTDer here who dressed up as her and riding a huge stick of butter for halloween
That's one of my favorite Kristen Wiig impressions

"They're saying you said the n-word"
"Well which n-word Seth? There's oodles of n-words!"
"The really bad one"
same, I saw "Paula Deen" and immediately started mouthing "buh-tur and ow-l"
are those teeth photoshopped in?!? good LORD
fucking florescent teeth, jesus
the more i look, the more it deeply terrifies me but i can't look away


3 months ago

is your icon from Wakewood? he was extra excellent/hot in that


3 months ago

This is why when you are picking out teeth for veneers,you never pick the whitest brightest option. It looks so crazy and even more unnatural irl.

no thanks
Fuck off, racist margarine stick.
A racist, mediocre white person striving and thriving in America?
You don’t say...
They forgot “noted racist” in their description. 😑
So they’ve decided she’s been ““““““cancelled””””””” enough eh? Cool.
How dare you! Cancel culture RUINS LIVES AND CAREERS
are you fucking kidding me? this fucking slave owner apologist who steals her recipes from black folk?
she doesn't steal, she ELEVATES southern cuisine~

ugh, I’ve been so excited for this show to come back and now it’s ruined

Guy Fieri is right there.
I love Guy...he really came through for mom and pop shops during the pandemic.
For real. And I love that his shows are almost all about celebrating other chef's works and cuisines. He seems so cool and I'd love for him to be a guest judge or something on Nailed It, that seems right up his alley lol.

Or Ina Garten, she and Jacques would have so much fun.


3 months ago


3 months ago

Deleted comment

If there's one celebrity cook (I wouldn't call him a chef, but meh, not the point) I've done a 180 on, it's Guy Fieri.

His personality type is a lot for me, but he seems like a genuinely good person and I can forgive a lot if someone is genuinely good. He highlights and uplifts small places, always has.
what year did she get cancelled again? is there like a five year turn around for these things?
2013 - not even a decade
This bitch is so garbage that she and her deadbeat brother got ran out of town. Her restaurant is the 27th best Southern food in the Savannah and is only open cause Food Network White Ladies eat that bland shit up. She's moved up her slop up to Pigeon Forge.
My brother-in-law's family are deep southern white racist fuckwads. They love her shit.

I'm betting the only good recipes she has are stolen.

She def had to move out of a community with a large Black population. I think that's the thing that ran her out finally. POC who worked for her quit keeping it quiet.


3 months ago

I couldn't love this comment any more....esp the Pigeon Forge dig lol
Eeww seriously. So extremely fucked up.
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