Like an unmade bed. (likeanunmadebed) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Like an unmade bed.

Butter, y'all: Paula Deen joins MasterChef as one of Season 11's culinary 'legends'

-The season, titled MasterChef: Legends, returns June 2
-The legends will include the cancelled racist Paula Deen, Emeril Lagasse, Roy Choi, Nancy Silverton and Iron Chef staple Morimoto
-Aarón Sánchez and Joe Bastianich will still be judges along with Gordon Ramsay
-Paula Deen was previously on Dancing With the Stars in 2015

Tags: food network / cooking show stars, reality show, television - fox, where are they now

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all white racists get forgiven, huh

fuck this trashy cholesterol bomb
frankly if the racism wasn't enough it feels like a JOKE to put her along any of the other chefs, especially considering the content people like Roy Choi and Nancy have been doing with netflix
racist queen
Ughhhh whyyyy. I usually watch this with my mom, although I hate that they got rid of their only female host and now it's back to all men.
someone get the hams, target practice on this racist!
She looks unhinged

And I hate Joe
I do watch MasterChef but hate how they try to pit the contestants against each other. i love how on GBBO they all support each other, the MC Jr is kids so it seems like the producers don't try to force drama like they do with the adults.
to this day I still think about the iconic Paula Deen is a Racist post where we used every other version of "SAUTEE HER" and "ROAST HER" and I cackled for hours
I read MasterChef but my brain kept thinking Iron Chef, which would be even weirder.
what is Gordon thinking............
The first and only time I heard about her was back in 2013. This plantation loving racist deserves nothing.
I'll never forget my mom throwing out all of her products when the n-word thing happened.

also, she gives me Kathy Bates in AHS Coven teas.
Kathy Bates is amazing in that show ngl.

This is my favorite parody of his shows. They really nailed the continuous fakeouts, emotional music and manipulative editing. Perfect.
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