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Daniel Brühl says even he would ‘never’ trust Zemo + Stackie couldn’t control him on set

+ Daniel Brühl talks about 'The Falcon And The Winter Soldier' and why he wasn't surprised by the new Zemo. He also discussed his powerful scene with Chadwick Boseman in 'Civil War,' the improvised moment Sebastian Stan would like to forget, and why he wants Zemo to dance with Thor.

+ On whether he expected to return to the MCU: No. I mean, it’s always a good sign when they don’t kill you. So I was always hoping and thinking that maybe one day they would come up with an idea to bring me back, but I seriously didn’t know anything about it. So it really took me by surprise. I was shooting the second season of The Alienist in Budapest when I got the call, and I was thrilled. First of all, because they decided to bring me back, but second of all, because I could tell they had something new in mind from the scripts that I received. So it gave me the opportunity to explore something else with the character, and there wasn't the danger of doing the same thing all over again and repeating myself. The sense of humor that was added to the character, in particular, attracted me and pleased me.

+ On trusting Zemo (or not): No, [I would] never . (Laughs.) And that’s the good thing. If it’s hard to read and tell what somebody is up to, that ambiguity — which people always enjoy and I do enjoy — is always fun. So, yeah, you shouldn’t really trust him. But I guess it has become apparent that he is not an evil supervillain; there’s more to him, which we already know from the other movie. But in the conversations between the three of them, we have intensified the very human side of Zemo. I disagree with his radical methods, but it’s understandable based on where he comes from. So I understand if people empathize with Zemo, and I would understand if everybody joins Team Zemo by the end of the show.

+ On Zemo playing with the Winter Soldier’s chin cleft: That was improvised. (Laughs.) And I knew how much Sebastian was suffering. There were a couple of takes where he couldn’t deal with it. (Laughs.) Another thing that I’m very happy they kept was the dance. There are some moments where you’re not sure if they’ll really keep it in the final cut, but they did. And that’s something I enjoy so much about working with Marvel in general. They create this atmosphere of looseness, fearlessness and joy. That’s the way it should be. Anyway, on endeavors like these, I’m sometimes really impressed because there’s so much pressure — and there must be. It’s such a gigantic project, and you’re almost surprised by how light, warm and welcoming the tone and vibe is on set. And that allows you to try things and not be restrained. So you go for some funky choices like dancing or the chin. (Laughs.) So it’s nice that this is accepted and embraced.

+ On Chadwick Boseman: I was surprised by how incredibly touched I was. I only had one scene with him, but that day really left a strong impression on me because I was blown away by this man’s talent, aura and personality. He was bold, brave, charismatic and intense. His acting was absolutely fascinating. So it’s a huge loss, not only for the MCU, but the whole cinematic realm. He was mesmerizing. He was wonderful. So it’s really sad.

+ On reuniting with Rush co-star Chris Hemsworth in the MCU: I’m a huge fan of what Chris has done with his character. And speaking of sense of humor, Chris has blown me away with how funny he is. I love the Thor films, and I’ve always loved him in the Avengers movies. So that would be a nice rendezvous.

+ Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie share some fun stories about Daniel while filming TFATWS in Prague.

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I want Daniel in more things.
Him mentioning Chris is reminding me how very cute they were and reminiscent of Stan and Mackie during the Rush press tour.
i mean it's Daniel Bruhl

he's never gonna be NOT the bad guy (he's great, but like really!!)
German discrimination :(
The chin thing being improved is so funny. I really hope they release some BTS stuff from this show. We already know Mackie and Stan are comedy gold together
ok hang on Wyatt Russell is in this?? ...i might have to check it out
He's Captain America at the moment lol
i...don't keep up with things


5 months ago

it’s beardless wyatt russell... be warned. lol.


5 months ago

Him talking about that scene he had with Chadwick reminds me of all the T'Challa/Zemo fic I read saw after Civil War came out lol.

People will ship anyone.
I just watched an hour long video essay about a Korean graphic novel called "Killing Stalking" and its fandom and yeah you're completely correct.


5 months ago


5 months ago


5 months ago

well i mean at least it's not two bland white guys getting shipped together this time!
Lol I don't ship it, but I support you. For some reason it always throws me when ontd gets weird about fic or kinks and I don't know why.
I've loved watching Daniel Bruhl since Good Bye Lenin!, he's just always so good and easy on the eyes imo
Yes I loved him in that
That was him???

oh my god i never put 2 and 2 together before

this is like a few weeks ago when I realised Alice Braga was that girl from City of God
omg i never realized that was him
We need the FATWS blooper reel tbh. I said it in yesterday’s post but I really do love how he manages to keep the puppet master vibe from Civil War while giving Zemo a personality and a sense of humor. Like you can very clearly tell he’s two steps ahead of everyone else and he’s gonna make a meal out of messing with them.

Also the coat and the mask are just. Perfection.
i'm dying for some bloopers of him playing with sebastian's chin.
Soooo I'm guessing that Zemo/Bucky is going to become a thing and will eclipse Sam/Bucky in the AO3 tags for some inexplicable reason.

With lots of non-con mind coersion kink nonsense thrown in for good measure
the new drarry.
sambucky is actually thriving. tumblr does a weekly roundup of the most popular ships each week and sambucky came in at number one this week knocking destiel off the spot they had held since november 5 of last year lol.

it's the stuckies who are being dicks about it, not the zemobucky ppl
A love triangle! Lol a gold mine for fanficcers
for some inexplicable reason

I mean, we all know why
This is some exasperated fandom veteran thing to say
That was my prediction before the show even came out. As long as they don't infiltrate the Sam/Bucky tag.
NOT another white ship getting in the way of a mixed race ship!!!!!!!!

This is the one time I'm glad kinkmemes have died tbh

Deleted comment

I'm sad [Spoiler (click to open)]Zemo will inevitably go baddie against Sam and Bucky because the three of them together was so fun in the last episode. I want moreeee!
I would love a Zemo show with Suicide Squad/The Blacklist vibes!
I get it Daniel Brühl, because I too would take every opportunity I got to play with SebStan's chin.

The chemistry these three have! PLUS EMILY. Last week's ep was just fire tbqh, and Stackie looked fire in all their Madripoor outfits. They both clearly require Sharon and Zemo dressing them up on the regular.
I love hearing Mackie and Seb talking about the other cast members. It sounds like they had a blast. I need a blooper reel asap!

I still get emotional when Chadwick is brought up. Everyone says pretty much the same thing about him which says a lot about who he was. His presence is missed.

I'm here for the Brühl supremacy. THUNDERBOLTS SPINOFF, WHEN?

Also I'm not gonna be surprised at all when Zemo inevitably betrays them. He keeps referring to the Avengers as "your friends who blew up my country" to Bucky and Sam so while he's being nice and charming at the moment, I don't think he really let go of the anger at the Avengers. And tbh, I get him. He's done some REAL bad things but I understand why he hates the Avengers. If Tony and Bruce's punk asses never had created Ultron, he wouldn't have lost his country and his ENTIRE family. The fact that they didn't even stand trial for nuking an entire country is also kind of crazy when you think about it.

.... Ugh am I becoming a Zemo apologist? Daniel Brühl's power, I guess! I just hope this show isn't the last we see of Zemo. His new characterization is really fun and if he DOES get a Thunderbolts spinoff it'll be a good way of seeing him doing his bad bitch shit while also expanding on the character further.
It was such a small moment, but I loved when he asked Sam if any of the Avengers bothered to show up to the Sokovia memorial and Sam just awkwardly stayed quiet and Zemo was like "...yeah didn't think so"
Right! It's not Sam's fault because I don't think he was even really involved with the Avengers back then (if memory serves right?) but I can 100% understand Zemo's bitterness towards Tony and the rest.
Same, I was glad they put something like that in there, and for it to come from a non-American character.
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