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Daniel Brühl says even he would ‘never’ trust Zemo + Stackie couldn’t control him on set

+ Daniel Brühl talks about 'The Falcon And The Winter Soldier' and why he wasn't surprised by the new Zemo. He also discussed his powerful scene with Chadwick Boseman in 'Civil War,' the improvised moment Sebastian Stan would like to forget, and why he wants Zemo to dance with Thor.

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April 8 2021, 01:34:36 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 01:38:05 UTC

I need bloopers from this show like RIGHT NOW.

Daniel Bruhl sounds like a goddamn delight.
They should release bloopers by episode instead of a too-short overall video. I need it.
On Zemo playing with the Winter Soldier’s chin cleft: That was improvised. (Laughs.) And I knew how much Sebastian was suffering. There were a couple of takes where he couldn’t deal with it. (Laughs.)

I need to see this outtake for, uh, science
i'm out here risking being spoiled bc daniel bruhl is so fucking delightful as zemo and i'm all about him and his on-set tomfoolery

i can't wait for a (decent, 10 minute long, ott) blooper reel
Now I’m down a rabbit hole watching Daniel Bruhl interviews and this one had me dying:


Sorry idk how to embed on my phone.
my only contribution to this post is that i stay in love with Daniel and i just want more of him and i'm SO glad he's back as zemo because he deserved more (justice 4 lee pace/ronan when???)
I can’t believe they wasted Lee Pace twice!
I need all the bloopers and I would like to be friends with Daniel please

If Loki can be the Kenny McCormick of the mcu then Zemo can hang around and be a utter shit for a few movies
The only things I know about this dude is that he knows like 50 different languages and his adorable German accent.
i find daniel so charming omg
In a way I'm so glad this show comes out weekly because we're getting so much gold from the press tour. It's amazing how much fun Seb and Anthony have and you can really tell everyone had a great time on set.
I’m just glad Daniel is getting mainstream roles, exposure and PAID

Show them what that tongue multilingual king
Hm I'm still shook at how much I loved Zemo from one episode alone, when I didn't like him at all in that other movie. It's clearly not on Daniel's acting abilities, so I blame the writing and direction of those gigantic mega billion dollar movies all the way, wtf.

One of my favorite moments from the ep was for some reason when Sharon said "try to stay out of trouble" and coat wearing Zemo went "trouble" and I have no idea what he meant by it lmaooooo. Was it a good thing? A fascinating thing? Food for thought? Bad thing? I just don't know but it was so weird and funny yet extremely short, idk.
Zemo is the best thing that TFATWS have


April 8 2021, 08:28:08 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 08:38:55 UTC

That elevator story is so weird lol. I'm assuming he planned it but how??
ex mackina!!!
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