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Taika Waititi, Ricky Gervais, Tricia Helfer, Zac Efron & More Star In Animated Short ‘Save Ralph’

Introducing Ralph, the new spokes-bunny of the global campaign to ban animal testing for cosmetics. #SaveRalph​​ is a powerful stop-motion animation short film produced by Humane Society International, featuring an all-star multinational cast including Taika Waititi, Ricky Gervais, Zac Efron, Olivia Munn, Pom Klementieff, Rodrigo Santoro, Tricia Helfer and more. https://hsi.global/SaveRalph​

Save Ralph is a powerful stop-motion animation short film featuring Oscar winner Taika Waititi as the voice of Ralph, who is being interviewed for a documentary as he goes through his daily routine as a “tester” in a lab.

HSI’s #SaveRalph​ campaign tackles the cruelty of animal testing in an original and unexpected way—using the story of one bunny to shine a light on the plight of countless rabbits and other animals in laboratories around the world.

While Ralph is animated, the miseries he endures in the short film are far from made up. As Spencer Susser, the director of Save Ralph, says, “It's so important that Ralph feels real because he represents countless real animals who suffer every day.”

Susser, known for his film Hesher, is among a slate of powerhouse celebrities and influencers who collaborated with Humane Society International on the making of Save Ralph. In addition to Waititi as Ralph and Gervais as the interviewer, the film has Zac Efron as Bobby, Olivia Munn as Marshmallow, Pom Klementieff as Cinnamon and Tricia Helfer as Cottonballs.

Producer Jeff Vespa (Voices of Parkland) teamed up with the Arch Model studio of puppet maker supreme Andy Gent (Isle of Dogs, The Grand Budapest Hotel) on the production.

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Did every celebrity involved work for free on this? To show how big their hearts are?
I mean, it wouldn't surprise me if Tricia Helfer did do it for free. Idk about the rest of the people involved, but she's very big into animal rights and ending testing on animals.
I don’t know enough about what technology is already around to have an opinion. If there is enough known now that cosmetic companies can create products without needing to test on animals, then yes, stop doing it. But if there are safety concerns that can’t be worked out any other way, then I’m sorry, but better a bunny than a human.
Testing on animals for vanity is ok?
It’s not just about lipsticks. People need shampoo, soap, deodorant, moisturisers, etc.
There are a bunch of companies out there like Lush that have no animal testing, so it's definitely possible.


6 months ago


6 months ago

Yes a humans life we’ve done so many great things for a planet so clearly we’re worth more than those little shits


6 months ago

It's 2021, bb! It's very much possible to run such tests on human skin cells without the need of endangering an actual human:

these people are a lot
too much, in fact
this reminds me of the time Munn showed up to a PETA event (for elephants) in knee-high leather boots
yeah, she tried to play it off like they were fake, but it was cringe-worthy. PETA had gotten her a billboard to protest animals in the circus and at the unveiling, she shows up wearing the obvious leather boots, which someone there immediately called her out on


6 months ago


6 months ago

So much is tested on animals I sometimes still forget to check before purchasing. I’ve gotten very good about make up and skincare although I still haven’t found anything that works as good as Olay for anti aging but oh well. I’ve found hair products I love but sunblock can be tough to find at bit crazy prices but ugh it’s just everything.
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Awww Tricia ❤️

There are things being developed now that would completely eliminate testing on animals so I'm happy about that.
The "Act Now" button on their website doesn't work.
Thanks. I could only get the Canada one to work initially.
Ricky and Taika in the same movie is a lot of ego.
Ricky outweighs that.
I own bunnies. I was just petting my bunnies. This was horrific to watch. I know this happens but goddamn it was way over the top.
Yeah I can't watch it. My rabbit died a while ago but I still miss her.
I went cruelty free 5 yrs ago. Its a lot easier then people think. There's no excuse for torturing animals for makeup anymore. Logical Harmony is a great resource to use.
Everyone’s against animal testing until it’s not convenient for them and their favourite brands do it